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Fort Bliss Soldier’s Mission Accomplished: Adoption Update

Bontilao family In mid-September we introduced the Bontilao family, currently stationed in Fort Bliss in El Paso, and told the story of their impending adoption of four children from the Philippines. The children, ages 5 through 16, are the nieces and nephew of Chief Warrant Officer 3 Alberto Bontilao. Their mother died in an auto accident in 2007, and Alberto and his wife Mylynne have worked for two years (through piles of red tape and hours of paperwork) with LSS and Holt International Children’s Services to finalize the adoption of Delyn, Varaquelli, Faith, and Domenique.

On October 29th, it became official. Alberto, who has been deployed overseas during much of this process, made a surprise trip home to attend the court adoption consummation. The Bontilaos have three biological children, and all seven children, who have been living together for a year now, said they “already felt like a family.”

FOX news in El Paso did a feature on Alberto’s surprise visit and their court hearing and the finalization of the adoption:

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