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April 19th

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“My life was like spaghetti noodles …” A poem by 15-year-old foster teen

87590405Sandy, an LSS foster parent, is so proud of 16-year-old Bianca [not her real name] who is in her care. “Bianca is not the little girl who first came to me. She is going places in life,” Sandy reports. Bianca has learned to express herself through poetry. Following is her poem, which tells her story and gives insight into her world – past, present, and future.

Bianca’s Poem:

When life has done you wrong
It’s hard to start off with your new family.   
You talk about your problems and start 
dealing with the feelings and realize
you’re getting along with your family.  
They are willing to help you
no matter what.  They’re with you thru
thick and thin, and the ups and downs.
When I first moved here my life was 
like spaghetti noodles, tangled and mangled. 
I was thinking negative then I realized 
I don't have to have a path of misery.
I no longer have to be bad or sad.
Doing life different makes a difference,
now life’s great like ocean waves.
I remember my new friends and family  
told me everything will be okay.  
I didn't believe them and  
felt like I had fallen.
I couldn’t get back up but they  
kept coming back to pick me up.
I can see who cares for me, 
they comfort me in the roughest times.
I have changed my life around, 
the community I live in is a great support. 
I have been working on myself 
for the past two years.
You can break the cycle that 
runs thru your family.
It's all up to you to make it into good times.
I mean come on we all know we can do it
if we set our minds to it.
I know my family wants to be with me 
but, I accomplished so much in life already.
I can’t just give it up, 
I want them to be proud of me. 
It would seem like I did it all for nothing
and I can’t lose my intuition of what
my God and I have established.

I couldn’t have done it if God hadn’t
had a hand in it or if it wasn’t for
my new friends and family.
Although, we’re not with our biological family
we can count on God, friends and family.

I have my whole life ahead of me, the past behind me
and today the tools, knowledge and wisdom to know the
difference between them.  I know I am going to make it
because of the courage that I now have. So go ahead,
“Live life on God’s terms to the fullest.”


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