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Adopting Miriam: She's Waiting in Bulgarian Orphanage

miriam3 The best way to introduce and describe Miriam (not her real name or picture) is to say that she is a very pretty little 7-year-old of Bulgarian ancestry, with brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. [Note: A picture of Miriam is available for interested families.]

Miriam was born in Bulgaria prematurely on October 20, 2003. One month later, she was placed in an orphanage.

Diagnosed early on with mild to moderate cognitive and developmental delay, Miriam has recently been assessed as “a child who is interested in her environment, connects with others, responds with joy when engaging with another person, emotional, friendly, cooperative. Her cognitive level is classified as mildly delayed.”

Miriam has normal hearing, and good vision with the aid of glasses. In November 2010, Miriam weighed 37 pounds and was 3 feet tall. She speaks easily, interacts well with orphanage staff, actively participates with peers, follows verbal directions, and likes to sing. Miriam is well liked and has a special relationship with staff members in the orphanage. There are lots more details (and a photo) to share about Miriam and we would be delighted to tell you more about her.

If you are the perfect family, or know the perfect family, for Miriam,  please contact Konnie Gregg by e-mail at [email protected] or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

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