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FROM FEARFUL TO FAITHFUL… Update and Introduction of Krause’s Spiritual Care Director Jason Phelps

The following is a get-acquainted message from Jason:

clip_image002I have been at the Krause Children’s Center as Spiritual Care Director since Mid-August 2010, after working four years in youth ministry; three and a half years in a parish setting, and a few months working with teenage boys in gangs in southwest Houston. 

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be led to Krause to have the opportunity to help these abused and troubled teens experience Jesus.  I remember my first day on the job and how nervous, scared, and excited I was all at the same time. My feelings of inadequacy were high and the fear was real. The fear of not only failing, but also of empathizing with these kids was a daily struggle.  In order to empathize, I had to ask God to reveal to me why they are hurting and to help me know of their pain, which can be very hard to handle at times. Many times I would have to leave campus and go off to pray in order to allow God to prepare me to follow up with a hurting child. I believe this was and is still necessary, but I had lost that discipline.

I want to admit that after a few months on the job, my heart began to harden in order to cope with the difficulties of this ministry. Not that I had lost compassion or love, but I let my fear keep me from being in the front lines of crises. I would let other staff be the first to respond to children in crisis; not always, but often enough. It wasn’t until I was ‘called-out’ by a unit supervisor for not helping in a crisis that I was reminded of how weak and fearful I had become.

A few days later I attended a spiritual renewal retreat where I was reminded about the role of the Holy Spirit. I was reminded that I had the power of the Holy Spirit and that I needed to not only live by that power, but also learn to listen to the Spirit and obey the Spirit when He calls me to move. I left the retreat empowered, eager to hit the front lines of ministry at Krause; not because of my skill, but because that is where God wants me. He wants me to walk alongside the kids at Krause and help them experience Jesus along the way.

God has done and continues to do amazing things in the lives of the kids at Krause and I am privileged to be in this role. I have seen both boys and girls grow in their faith and learn how to trust in God despite circumstances. So with all this said, I am learning the same lesson that I constantly try and teach the kids at Krause: When you try and do it on your own you will fail, but when you rely solely on God’s strength and grace you can do anything.


Sunday, February 20th you can listen to Jason live on “Engaging Truth” on Houston’s 100.7 The Word – KKHT at 7:30pm or stream the program live at

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