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Foster Care Alert: More Help, More Homes Needed

FIT urgent need Because of our Foster In Texas (FIT)  parents, many formerly abused and neglected children and teens now have caring adults on their side, to help them heal and move on from the lives that led them into foster care. Foster parents are some of the hardest working, most caring people we know.Right now, LSS-FIT has an urgent need statewide for nurturing adults to step up and get involved – and support our nation’s most vulnerable children by becoming verified foster parents. We have 15 foster and adoption offices in Texas – all report they have children waiting for placement. We not only need foster families for large sibling groups and teens, but also homes for infants who need safe and secure homes where they can grow and thrive.“Everyday people” are serving as foster parents. Can you, or someone you know, help these kids in crisis realize their full potential? Their own families are not in a position to care for them for a variety of reasons, none of them good. Child welfare issues arise in families of every race, ethnicity, and age group.LSS-FIT has a wonderful supportive network, convenient training opportunities, and people to turn to with all your questions. Of course, not everyone is in the position to fill the role of foster parent, but there are more ways to show you care. You can get involved as a volunteer, mentor, or respite provider.Most of your questions can be answered on this website, Or please call 877-747-8110 for an information packet, or submit an interest form.

More help, more homes, are needed … and yes, it’s urgent. All children deserve a hopeful future!

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