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May 21st

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My Life So Far – Poem by a New Life Girl

NL poem The following poem was written by a young lady who has lived at New Life Children’s Center in Canyon Lake for the past nine months. A judge sent her to New Life after she was arrested and jailed for assault and battery. Like so many New Life residents, she arrived with a chip on her shoulder and a past full of pain. Anna (not her real name) has come a long way. She loves to write and read poetry, and the following poem tells her story, and how God and New Life have changed it.

I remember my past like it was yesterday

I remember my mom, always working, every day

Growing up was hard, gotta cook, gotta clean

I felt like I was the mother taking care of my siblings and me

So I started to drink and smoke to ease all the pain

It worked for awhile till I started to go insane

Went to jail 5 or 6 times and thought my life was done

Then I came to New Life and found my life again

Now I look forward to the future and forget about the past

I found a new life and with Jesus – it will last!

Trying hard and persevering to make my family proud

Sticking to my morals while others follow the crowd

Standing strong, gaining respect, earning trust and staying true

Building blocks and paving paths and growing up is hard to do

I never thought my pain would go away as I despaired

So I’d like to say a thank you to all of those who cared!

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