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Three-Year-Old is Waiting for His New Family

Erin Erin was born was born in August 2009 in the Bulgarian town of Gorna Oryahovitsa. After his (premature) birth, he was placed in an orphanage in the town of Pleven. We have no data on his family history.

This is what we do know about Erin:

· He weighed only around 2 lbs. when he was born.

· He has a good appetite and has consistently gained weight (26 lbs. and 33 inches tall at June 2012 weigh-in).

· He likes to play games, and enjoys walks and playing with other children.

· His speech development is slow but coming along and he communicates with other children.

· Potty trained!

· He walks independently but needs a little help on the steps.

· He has formed an emotional bond with staff and his “Grandma” in the orphanage’s Grandma Program.

· He’s cute as can be!

Erin is still a toddler so it is hoped that he can overcome the institutional delays that occur after spending too many early years in an orphanage. The sooner he can be adopted into a loving family (hopefully through LSS) the better for him and his lucky new family!

If you are interested in learning more about Erin, please contact Konnie Gregg by email at [email protected] or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

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