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Nelson Center Holidays Part 2: Ringing in the New Year

NelsonNew-Year-2011 The kids at the Nelson Children’s Center in Denton, TX, celebrated the coming of the new year with a group of volunteers from the organization “Camp Change.” The volunteers brought enough pizza for the kids and staff, a Bible study on the creation story, games, crafts, and an awesome inflatable obstacle course.

An important part of the evening was the Bible story and fellowship time. Camp Change volunteers reminded the kids about God’s creation, how He perfectly formed and fashioned each one of us with a specific plan and purpose for His glory and our good. The kids learned about how God does not make mistakes, and that He created each of them with love and divine purpose. Nelson NYpots During the craft time, the kids painted flower pots for the staff members to remind them about God’s creation and how He continues to grow, nurture, and care for us. The flower pots serve also to remind the staff that there is a great plan for each of these kids we work with. Even though it is a struggle sometimes to find hope in the most challenging moments, God’s redemptive design is much bigger and grander than we can imagine.

It was an amazing way for the children at the Nelson Center to end the year and start a new one – with volunteers who give up their New Years Eve to bring fun, fellowship, and a spiritual message to them, instilling love and hope for the coming year.

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