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Nathaniel is Waiting for a Forever Family

99673146 Bulgaria sounds so far away. But it’s a country that’s close to our hearts at LSS. So many Bulgarian children are waiting for permanent, loving homes, and we are committed to placing as many as we can in qualified adoptive families.

Meet Nathaniel (not his real name and photo): Nathaniel was born on September 4, 2006, weighing 6.8 pounds and measuring 20 ½ inches. The mother received no prenatal care, and Nathaniel suffered from “mild asphyxiation” during birth. When just 11 days old, he was discharged from the hospital and placed in a baby orphanage. In September 2009, Nathaniel was transferred to a specialized orphanage for children age 3-7, where he remains today.

Nathaniel’s early history included repeated upper respiratory infections, tonsillitis, and strep throat. His tonsils and adenoids were removed in 2009, and he has had no further hospitalizations. Currently, Nathaniel is diagnosed as having convergent strabismus (eyes turning inward) for which no treatment is recommended at this time, and as having speech and emotional delays. He is current on all immunizations and physical examination reveals that there are no facial anomalies or any neurological issues.

Nathaniel has olive skin and dark brown hair and eyes, and his appearance is reflective of his Roma heritage. He is in good physical health, and his gross motor skills are on target for his age.

His fine motor skills and language development are somewhat delayed.

Nathaniel enjoys the attention of adults, and responds with great pleasure when he is approached by a grown-up. He participates in musical games and other activities with his peers, but needs his teacher’s encouragement to do so. Nathaniel tends to isolate himself from his peer group, and needs adult support to interact comfortably with other children.

This precious little boy is waiting for a permanent family who can accept his current language and emotional delays and provide him with a nurturing, accepting, and stimulating environment to help him develop his potential. We know the perfect family for Nathaniel is out there waiting for him too!

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