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Krause Kids are BP VIPs

bp thank you cow “Field trip!” That announcement is a cause for joy (and a reward for good behavior) at Krause Children’s Center in Katy, where the young residents, ages 11-17, are in treatment to heal from their troubled pasts and histories of abuse and neglect.

Chelsea Thompson, recreational specialist at Krause, recently had the opportunity to take eight of the Krause kids on a field trip and tour of the new BP-Energy offices. Upon arrival, each of the kids was issued a visitor badge as a way to enter and exit specific areas, making them all feel like honored guests.

They all learned that the BP building is totally GREEN, not colorwise, but because 95 percent of the building is made from recycled materials, and runs on recycled energy. 

The kids’ favorite part of the tour was the trading floor―it’s very “Wall Streetish” ― where they trade gas and oil, and each of the traders has four to six computer screens at their desks, and TV screens on walls everywhere are tuned in to weather and news. “Why do they need so many computer screens?” the kids wanted to know. And “Why do they get to watch tv all day?” 

When the kids heard they were going to get to visit with “Orlando,” the chief operating officer, the girls were a little disappointed that he was not Orlando Bloom (which they didn’t hesitate to tell him). Orlando was a very good sport about that, and said “I only wish I was that young and in that kind of shape!” 

Orlando answered a myriad of questions and was able to talk about how the company works, how the other offices are involved, and about leadership positions in the organization. The kids wanted to know more about being leaders and what it takes to get there.  One of the girls on the tour is very passionate about one day starting her own custom car company, and she jumped at the chance to ask Orlando questions about starting and maintaining a business.  These were great conversations that could have a lasting impact on this little group of visitors!

Several BP-Energy employees volunteer at Krause as mentors, and “Charlie,” one of the young visitors, was excited to see his mentor Manny there, and vice versa. Manny also brings a small group of younger employees from BP to play basketball with the boys at Krause, and it was fun for Charlie to see Manny in his workday surroundings. Charlie was very proud of him, and felt special that Manny is his friend and he worked at this great place. 

All field trips must come to an end, and at the end of this one the kids were all very impressed. For most of them, this was the first time they’d seen the inside of an office building. It made them feel important that Orlando and Manny took the time to speak with them and explain some of the dynamics of BP. 

Thanks BP, for such an unforgettable experience!

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