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Master Plan for BeREAL Youth

Clint with Gerald Billes

Clint, a 19-year-old BeREAL* youth, is just getting started at Delgado Community College in New Orleans, but he already has a pretty good handle on what he wants to do. Plus, he has the advantage of some up-close-and-personal contact with someone who is an expert in the field. With his natural ability in drafting, Clint has decided to pursue a career in Architecture.

Mr. Gerald Billes, an accomplished architect in the community, recently met with Clint to discuss the realities of architecture as a career, and offered Clint the opportunity to learn more by job shadowing at his firm, Billes Partners, LLC. Billes, owner and principal of architectural and planning firms since 1975, has extensive experience in architecture, urban design, and master planning. He has overseen and directed the development of scores of major projects in the public and private sectors, including the repairs and renovations to the Louisiana Superdome, and Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” project in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

Right now Clint is enjoying his drafting class at Delgado and looking forward to learning a lot more about architecture from such a great role model and advisor, Gerald Billes.

Will the next Frank Lloyd Wright be a former foster child and a BeREAL alumnus? Only time will tell.

* BeREAL (Ready, Educated, Accomplished, Leaders), is a project of Lutheran Social Services in collaboration with the Louisiana Dept. of Social Services, where youth (13-25) aging out of their foster homes find training, support, and mentoring programs.

Interested in becoming a BeREAL sponsor, mentor, or volunteer? Contact Christie Kieschnick: [email protected]; (504) 931-3408, or go to

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