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A Kruse Village Love Story


Ah Valentine’s Day “… when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” At Kruse Village, the LSS retirement community in Brenham, this Alfred Lord Tennyson quote could be slightly amended to include a not-so-young newlywed couple. Kruse Village residents Laverne and Ray Sanders, both 82, tied the knot just over a year ago, and say that now, “Every day is Valentine’s Day.”

Ray and Laverne met in a water aerobics class they took twice a week, and both say they weren’t looking for love. It kind of just crept up on them. They started chatting after the class, and discovered that they were very compatible. Both grew up in Texas, and say their similar values and faith are characteristics that brought them together. Once they began dating and decided to wed, Laverne and Ray invited her son and daughter-in-law out to dinner to ask for their blessing. No problem there, and their next decision was whose home to move into. Since Ray’s duplex was a bit larger, they merged into his.

The staff at Kruse say it makes them smile to see the couple strolling about, always holding hands. Ray and Laverne enjoy exercising, reading, and just being together. Coy Fontenot, executive director of Kruse Village said everyone was thrilled when love bloomed for the two residents. “They really act like newlyweds,” Fontenot said. “It’s love, Kruse Village-style.”

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