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From Bulgaria With Love: These Children Need Loving Homes

lineup Texas is a long way from Bulgaria, but in that faraway nation, so many children live in orphanages with little chance of being adopted in their home country. Most are of Roma ancestry, and some of them have developmental delays, a common side effect of institutionalized group living. What these children need is a chance. They need the love and stability of a real family, and a life conducive to reaching their full potential.

We have been given permission to publish their real photos but not their real names. Some of the photos are more than a year old, but you can still catch a glimpse of how special each child is.

This is Sergio

sergio He is seven years old now (older than in his photo). Sergio was born in the city of Pleven and placed in an orphanage a week later. He is a healthy child with some general developmental delays, including delayed speech and language for which he receives regular speech therapy. Sergio is small for his age and quite shy. He is described by his caretakers as “a calm child,” which is hard to beat!

Brothers Dondi & Yuri

brothers Dondi and Yuri are two very handsome, healthy brothers, ages 10 and 12. They were both born in the city of Stara Zagora and their mother placed each of them in the area’s orphanage shortly after birth. They share common musical talents. The brothers also share a strong emotional bond

About Dondi: He is an active, well coordinated child with a “very well-developed imagination.” Extroverted and positive by nature, he is described as friendly and cooperative, with good self esteem. Currently, Dondi is in fifth grade and attends a local public school. He has some academic struggles

About Yuri:This 10-year-old is also well-coordinated and his report states that “his fine motor skills are exact and precise and he knows the multiplication tables and is eager to learn; he is motivated and tries to do a good job at school.”

Like his brother, Yuri is very social and at times “presents as verbose.” And here’s something every mother will love: “He keeps a very neat appearance, takes good care of his belongings – folds and keeps clean his clothes.”

Sister & Brother Ludmilla & Gino

Ludmilla&GinoThis brother and sister have an excellent and supportive relationship. Ludmilla is very mature and loving around her brother. They were raised at home during their early years and have lived in the orphanage since 2008.

Eleven-year-old Ludmilla was almost eight before her placement in the orphanage. She is a very bright child who, understandably, is described as somewhat angry and moody. Ludmilla attends the local public school where she is very successful academically. Because of her excellent academic potential she would thrive on additional intellectual challenges and psychological support.

Gino, at age nine, has a sunny disposition, and based on school reports is an average student. He is friendly, builds relationships easily, and is neat and tidy. Gino is a “smiler” and is described as very pleasant and agreeable.

All we want for Christmas is to place these children with loving Texas families! We would be happy to share additional pictures, videos, and detailed information with you. Please contact Konnie Gregg by e-mail at [email protected] or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

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