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More of a Good Thing: Copperfield Village Expansion Begins

CVsignweb “Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that anymore!” is the oft-repeated mantra of the 55+-aged residents of Victoria Texas’s favorite senior independent living community, Copperfield Village. Life is good here, where the list of things residents no longer have to worry about includes yardwork, housework, cooking, doing dishes, and paying property taxes and utility bills, just for starters.

With an aging baby boomer population intent on enjoying the good life in their impending retirement years, the 70 cottages, or mini-houses, in Copperfield Village are in high demand. And that demand is only going to grow. LSS manages Copperfield Village (along with several other senior communities throughout Texas) and has announced that construction is beginning on 12 new houses in Copperfield this month. The construction, on the 10 acres adjacent to the existing neighborhood, will take about eight months to finish, and the buzz about it has already spread in Victoria.

This past weekend, the Victoria Advocate ran a story about the Copperfield expansion. You can read the article here.

In addition to the first building phase of 12 homes, LSS has plans to build up to 30 on the neighboring property. A major renovation of the existing main building (containing the offices, dining room and kitchen, library, meeting rooms, and gym) is also underway. Future expansion plans also include an Assisted Living community, for those requiring a higher level of daily care.

The new cottages will give more people the opportunity to take advantage of the Copperfield Village lifestyle and the famously good food served in the dining hall.

Get in line folks!

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