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Henry – A Krause Resident Tells His Story


Following is a letter written by Henry (not his real name), a resident at Krause Children’s Center in Katy. This letter, in Henry’s own words, is a glimpse into the life of a “Krause Kid” and the life-changing opportunities our therapeutic residential treatment centers make possible.  

I entered CPS [Child Protective Services] when I was 9. My mother used drugs and neglected me and my sisters. We barely had any food to eat. I went to live with my grandmother but she was caught with drugs too and I was put into foster care.  I’ve been to several foster homes and placements.  People think of me as dangerous because I have physical and verbal outbursts. These outbursts are what landed me at Krause.  When I told my foster mom that I wanted to kill myself, I ended up here at Krause Children’s Center. I wasn’t being really honest in therapy with Ms. Bekah, my therapist. After about a month at Krause, I refused to participate in any group therapy, thinking that would help me leave sooner. At that time, I gave up on everything.  After about two months I realized they weren’t going to give up on me and Krause wasn’t going to send me away, and I started taking my treatment seriously.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about that but I continue to work my treatment. So now after 8 months at Krause, I’ve learned lots of things like respect, different ways to communicate with others, follow my dreams, think positively about myself, and most importantly I learned to trust. I now enjoy art, playing sports, and card games. I also go to church activities. I believe this placement at Krause is different from the rest. For the first time I know I will succeed in life because of what I’ve learned here. Nothing’s going to stop me now!

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