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Krause Happenings: Celebrating Easter & Welcoming Red Lobster


[by Tawana Goodwin, Director of Volunteers, Krause Children’s Center]

Celebrating Easter at Krause

On Easter Sunday, the gym at the Krause Children’s Center rang out with music, as the youth and adult choirs from the Kainos Community Church performed and celebrated Easter at the Krause Center. The optional service gave many of the Krause kids a chance to learn about the meaning of Easter Sunday.

It was a happy day for staff, visitors, and especially the Krause kids, many of whom asked the visitors to pray for their families, a new foster home and a new beginning. What an amazing Easter Sunday it was, as  16 of the kids signed up to be baptized!

Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and now RED LOBSTER at Krause

Dining at Krause Children’s Center gets better all the time! The “Harvest Program,” a brainchild of the national Food Donation Connection (FDC), links available sources of surplus food to charitable organizations – like Krause Children’s Center. Restaurant operators have discovered that this is a much better way to redirect excess prepared food … to hungry stomachs rather than landfills.

Red Lobster is the newest restaurant to donate to Krause, and they’re sharing everything that’s available on their menu:  shrimp, lobster, fish, scallops, chicken, baked potatoes, cheesecake, and those amazing cheese biscuits. Four Starbucks have been sending more than 200 pastries each week, and Pizza Hut sends around 60 pizzas plus chicken wings.

The Harvest Program saves so much money – the food is all FREE to Krause, and the kids love having quality, wholesome “restaurant food.”  It only makes sense to stop discarding and start donating, and the kids are the grateful and deserving recipients.

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