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It’s Official! Jonathan Becomes a Lagneaux

lagneauxadoption Jonathan is a happy little six-year-old who found his forever family with Angelamarie and Ron Lagneaux, Foster In Texas (FIT) parents in the Austin area who have been caring for children with “Primary Medical Needs” (PMN) since 2008. In the past four years, the couple has fostered six children for LSS-FIT, (five of those PMN) and they have a 2 ½-year-old biological daughter Francesca and a 3-month-old baby Josephine.

Because of an unstable and unchanging home environment, DFPS became Managing Conservator of Jonathan and his two siblings, and parental rights were terminated October 2011. On June 26, 2012, Jonathan’s adoption by the Lagneaux was consummated in a Travis County court.

The Lagneaux took Jonathan into their foster home in July 2008, and to say it’s been a rough road is understating things a bit! Jonathan developed end stage renal disease at just four months, leading to removal of his kidneys and daily dialysis treatments until his first kidney transplant in August 2008. The first transplant failed, and he underwent a second transplant in November 2010, and so far so good … though he will require lifelong support for his medical needs.

When the Lagneaux decided to become foster parents, they recognized that the children in the most need were those with serious medical issues – the PMN children who were hardest to place because of the demands required of those who care for them. “With their huge medical problems they not only need someone to love them but they need someone to advocate for them and navigate through the medical world,” Angelamarie said.

Now that Jonathan is a permanent member of the family, life is good for the little boy who began life with so many strikes against him. Ron and Angelamarie consider themselves the lucky ones: “Jonathan is such a great little guy, it’s just joy to have him in our family,” Ron said, then went on to explain: “Jonathan has truly been a gift from God. I will never forget the first time I met him. I walked into his room at Dell Children’s Hospital and he wasn’t there, so I asked a nurse where he could be found. Her reply was, ‘Oh Jonathan sits at the nurse’s station with the staff.’ He was two years old at the time. I walked up and saw a small group of people working with Jonathan. I quickly realized that this little boy had lived at the hospital for six months and thought he worked alongside with the staff. He even went on rounds with the doctors. I was amazed at how much everyone truly fell in love with my little Jonathan. I was told about his case, and my family―from that first moment―felt he should be with us forever. Thank you LSS-Foster In Texas, from all of the Lagneauxs!”

The ongoing need and search for foster parents—particularly those willing to care for PMN children―is unrelenting, which is why foster parents like the Lagneauxs are treasured by our agency! If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a foster parent, please visit the Foster In Texas website or call 512-459-1000.

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