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Interested in International Adoption? Consider Bulgaria…

Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas (LAST, also known as Lutheran Social Services of the South) has facilitated the adoptive placements of well over 3,000 children from other countries since 1967. LAST is the primary provider of adoption for the country of Bulgaria, and we are committed to finding loving homes for Bulgaria’s orphaned children.

Children of all ages and physical conditions currently reside in Bulgarian orphanages and are available for adoption. They include non-special needs children, pre-school to teens, and many with developmental delays due to lack of stimulation and personal attention. The quality of care in Bulgarian orphanages ranges from adequate to outstanding. The Bulgarian government’s first priority is to place older children and children having special needs with families.

We’d like to introduce you to four of these children [Note: their names have been changed but these are their actual photos]:

Steve & Bella

This brother and sister were raised by their parents until 2010, when the parents were deemed incapable of caring for them due to poor health. According to their reports, both children are “clinically healthy with normal physical and mental development.” Steve, born in September 2003, was first diagnosed with epilepsy, then the diagnosis was later dismissed. He’s been determined to have “memory and intelligence relevant for the age with a slightly decreased capacity.” Bella, born in July 2002, has proven to have good memory and intelligence and “good indicators for mental development.”

Steve and Bella must be adopted into the same family.

Bobby & Brandon

These brothers were placed in the orphanage shortly after their births. Bobby, now 12, was born in November 2000, and Brandon, age 11, in September 2001. There is no known data on family history. The brothers are both healthy with normal physical development, yet show decreased intellectual capacity for their ages, not uncommon considering the effects of institutionalization.

Bobby takes a while to warm up to people but can be very affectionate once he does. He is in the fifth grade and receives support and tutoring from a resource team.

Brandon, now in the fourth grade, is called “compassionate and kind,” and like his brother can be initially withdrawn. While both boys have had academic difficulties, Brandon has recently shown an increased interest in learning.

There is a whole lot more to learn about these precious children. We would be happy to share additional information with you about them, or a number of others in Bulgaria awaiting adoption.  Please contact Konnie Gregg by email at [email protected] or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

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