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Will 2013 Be the Year These Sisters are Adopted?


We hope so!

Norah, Brielle, and Darielle are sisters currently living in an orphanage in Bulgaria. Norah, age 12, and her twin sisters, age 9, have proven to be able to adapt to big changes in their lives. They lived with their parents until 2010 when they were placed under the government’s care at a home for children in the city of Vratsa. The sisters are very close, so whatever the future holds, it will be together.

Norah and Darielle both love music and dancing, and are more introverted than Brielle. They all are described by their caseworkers as having good coping and self-help skills. They are healthy, do not have special needs, and attend mainstream classes at school. They have mild intellectual delays and all would thrive with individual attention and academic help.

Norah has told workers at the orphanage that she dreams of being adopted into a new family, whether in Bulgaria or abroad.

These little survivors have had a rough time of it (Darielle has burn scars on her skin; Brielle was admitted to the hospital at age 7 with drug-induced toxification) and deserve to spend the rest of their childhoods in a safe and loving home. We want that to be by next Christmas!

There is a whole lot more to learn about these girls. We would be happy to share additional information with you about them, or other children in Bulgaria awaiting adoption.  Please contact Konnie Gregg by email at [email protected] or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

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