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May 21st

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The Beaumont Foundation Dresses LSS Kids for Success

Teenage girls with shopping bagsThe generous grant LSS receives from the Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA) clothes every one of the children in our care! The 2013 grant in the amount of $518,400 provides school clothing for 1,728 children LSS serves in foster care in Texas. Half the amount will be distributed January 2014, with the balance in August 2014. That’s right, twice a year, each child  is given a stipend of $300 to spend on new clothing that they select themselves, with assistance from their grateful foster parents or supervisors.

Most children come into our care in the midst of family crisis. They usually have the clothes on their backs and that’s about it.  Shopping for a new school wardrobe is a huge boost to their self-esteem and provides a bonding opportunity with their new parents and caregivers.

One Foster In Texas mom who specializes in caring for teen girls, expressed her gratitude for BFA: “It has always been my goal to have our foster kids fit in at school and at church, and wherever we go. We go to all the school functions, and I know that people are always judging how we dress our kids and how they look. It is always difficult to keep up with the trends and new fashions, but I feel that because most of our kids have previously been deprived of fitting in with the latest fashions, I have to work that much harder to keep them looking sharp. Because of the tremendous help from the Beaumont grants during the year, and the opportunity to shop where they want to, the girls have learned to be selective and shop smart. The kids in our home look forward to the grant money, and we always make it a point to make it a full day in Corpus Christi shopping and making the money stretch.”

Since its creation in 2001, BFA has provided grants and scholarships to a broad range of nonprofit organizations across the United States. LSS is delighted and forever grateful to be one of the fortunate recipients!


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