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April 21st

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Rina Reports from Krause

Rina John webRina John, who became director of volunteers at Krause Children’s Center last fall, has been delighted to discover the dedication and creativity of Krause’s volunteers. High school, church, and community groups regularly visit Krause, ready to serve and share their time and talents with the kids.

Recently, a Krause resident told Rina how much she looks forward to the high school groups that come in to volunteer. They worked on a craft project together that this young lady thought was really fun because the group was so entertaining. “Do you know when they’ll be back?” she wanted to know.  Another girl told Rina that she loves the church groups that come to do Bible studies. Rina can’t emphasize enough the major impact that the volunteers have on these kids!

One regular volunteer contacted Rina recently to ask what items the Krause kids specifically need and want. The volunteer’s 10-year-old daughter was having a birthday and wanted to receive donations for the Krause kids from her friends instead of birthday gifts. Gotta love it!

Cafeteria Chats

Sometimes Rina drops into the cafeteria to chat with the kids, to get to know more about them and find out how they are doing. The kids get very excited telling her what they’ve been up to and chatting about who their favorite singers are. One girl, a very gifted young artist, ran up to Rina to show off her latest drawings. She is one of the talented residents whose paintings will be auctioned off at the upcoming Healing Hearts Gala.*

Talking about their hopes and dreams is another favorite topic of conversation among the kids. So many of them are interested in pursuing a college education. Future vocations of choice for the majority are psychiatrist and caseworker – professions that involve helping other kids with similar backgrounds and problems – because they said they would be able to relate to their challenges. “These kids have good hearts!” Rina concludes.

*The Healing Hearts Gala is a benefit for Krause Children’s Center, and will be held Saturday March 1, 2014. Join us for a special night of “Spurs & Sparkles”!

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