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Amplify Austin: Everything You Need to Know

amplify guitarWhat is “Amplify Austin” anyway?

Amplify Austin is a celebration of the nonprofit sector in Central Texas. From 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 20 until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, March 21, Austinites are invited to donate to the organizations which make our city a great place to live. Last year, Amplify Austin raised nearly $2.8 million for the participating groups—in just 24 hours!

Why do we need to “Amplify” Austin?

Austin is the 11th largest city in the United States. (And based on the terrible traffic, we aren’t getting any smaller.) But we are the 32nd most generous city, by percentage of income given to charity. Austinites say they want to support local organizations but aren’t sure what’s out there. Amplify Austin is all about getting people more involved with the causes that need their help.

Why should I “Amplify” Lutheran Social Services?

Lutheran Social Services is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Austin and in Texas, but there are lots of people out there who don’t know our story. And we have a great story to share. Last year, we served more than 32,000 people across Texas. Amplify Austin is an opportunity to become a household name. And because of the matching funds and incentives, gifts have the chance to grow.

Tell me more about the incentives.

Thanks to Amplify Austin, a pool of incentive dollars and prizes has already been collected from local businesses, foundations, and individual donors. Amplify Austin estimates that each dollar raised will equal about $1.07 for the participating nonprofits, once the incentives have been distributed. And prizes will be given to the organizations with the most donors, the most total money raised, and the most money raised in the first six hours.

Okay, I want to give. What are the details?

–        Set a calendar reminder for Thursday, March 20. Our goal is to win the $5,000 prize for most money raised in the first six hours, and we can’t do it without you.

–        At 6:00 p.m. on the 20th, go to, and make your donation. Gifts must be made through this profile and not through the typical LSS donation page in order to qualify for matching funds and incentives.

–        Amplify Austin requires a minimum gift of $10. But a gift of $34 pays for a day at New Life Children’s Center for one young woman. What impact do you want to make?

–        All gifts will go to the LSS general fund, not to specific ministries. Because no single program is self-sustaining, these gifts still make a direct impact on those we serve.

–        You will receive an e-mail tax receipt automatically from Amplify Austin, but your gift plus incentives will go directly to LSS.

–        Consider registering to be a fundraiser. You can “Create a Fundraising Campaign” and become an advocate for the children and seniors served each day by LSS.

–        Help us spread the word! Tell your family, friends, and followers that you support Lutheran Social Services, and invite them to join you.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share posts about our progress to encourage others to give.

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