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April 21st

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Krause/BP Workday: Labors of Love

BP workers grasswebOn Thursday, May 22nd, close to 40 volunteers from BP Energy arrived at Krause Children’s Center in Katy with their sleeves rolled up, ready to get to work.

BP has partnered with Krause and supported the children there in many ways, and BP work days have become legendary. BP employees bring major manpower, tools and supplies, and then groups disperse around Krause, doing major landscape projects and whatever else needs to be done to keep the campus shipshape.

This year the workers brought it hundreds of plants, ranging from plumbegos to creeping jasmine, bringing more natural beauty to Krause.

BP workers gardenweb

The Krause kids like to shoot hoops on the court, so the BP volunteers fixed up the fence and pulled out vines that had become entangled in another fence nearby.BP workers bball

Out in front, the volunteers planted close to 70 ground cover plants near the Point Store.  They also put down flagstone to create a pathway leading up to the portable where the staff go for orientation and training.


Here’s an impressive list of their accomplishments:

  • Power wash the courtyard deck
  • Sealed/stained the deck
  • Built a small flagstone walkway
  • Laid new sod
  • Trimmed trees and shrubs
  • Installed landscape timbers for new beds
  • Changed sprinkler heads
  • Planted flowers
  • Provided new pots and plants for the lobby interior
  • Added built-in cabinets
  • Put in overhead microwave shelf and lunch countertop in the employee lounge
  • Provided a new refrigerator
  • Repaired sagging chain link fence around basketball court
  • Removed and replaced privacy slats in outer fence

BP workers yardweb BP workers rinaweb BP workers redo deckweb BP workers lunchweb BP workers deckersweb BP workers 2014web BP worker prettyweb BP worker painterweb

The biggest transformation took place in what is known as “the fishbowl,” which is a room close to Krause’s main entrance. Many years ago, the kids had painted the walls with a mural of sea life. Recently the decision was made to transform the fish bowl into an employee lounge. The walls were painted prior to BP’s arrival and the volunteers installed new cabinets, a counter, and a brand new fridge.

BP work day breakroom

BP has dedicated so much time and financial support to improve the Krause Children’s Center and the girls have taken notice.  Krause’s CEO Steven Lancaster heard one child say, “Look how pretty this is now!” At the workday Steve told the volunteers, “Each day as I walk around the building, I notice the various signatures left by BP in the form of walls, paint, counter tops, cabinets, bedroom upgrades, and on and on.  Your work has become woven in the fabric of the Center and you all are truly a part of the great mission we do here for these kids.”

BP has been Krause’s title sponsor for the “Tomorrow’s Child” Krause Golf Tournament for seven years. The next tournament is coming up Monday, June 16th  at the BlackHorse Golf Club in Cypress.

Thank you BP Energy – the Krause kids and staff appreciate all you do for us!


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