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Caregiver Discrimination: A Hot Potato In Your Workplace?

jugglingwordsCare-Connect, an affiliated ministry of Lutheran Social Services, is a geriatric care management program and support system that allows elderly loved ones and family members to remain independent and safe in their living environment.

Care-Connect is Now Introducing Employee Assistance with Elder Care (EAEC)A recent MetLife study found that caregiving costs American  employers as much as $33 billion annually due to absenteeism, worker replacement costs following turnover due to caregiving responsibilities, workday crisis, and supervision costs. The findings include the fact that female caregivers are absent from work an average of 2 days per month (24.75 days per year) and male caregivers an average of 1 day per month (9 days per year). These responsibilities can involve a multitude of time-consuming tasks that can require days or weeks at a time to address.*

Based on our long-term care experience, we have developed a new addition within our Geriatric Care Management Program called Employee Assistance with Elder Care (EAEC). EAEC was developed for sharing eldercare information and educating employees on caregiving skills when dealing with older loved ones. This is an excellent employee benefit for all companies to reduce lost time and dollars due to absenteeism and employee turnover due to adult caregiving. Our EAEC program offers:

· Workshops for employees on a multitude of caregiving issues. This includes support, navigation through the maze of senior resources, and medical, cognitive, and mental health education.

· Assistance for employees to proactively plan for needs before they arise or become crisis situations.

· A Comprehensive Assessment and Plan of Care for employees to work with to ensure all needs are being addressed for their loved one.

· Continued support, if needed, to reduce absenteeism.

· Customized eldercare support in a cost-effect format.

· Care Management Clinics. A 50-minute consultation with your employees (and spouse or additional caregiver) to meet with our Certified Geriatric Care Manager and address specific questions and concerns. A comprehensive, objective and professional overview can assist employees and their families in identifying primary issues.

The workshops and clinics provide personal, efficient, and cost-effective care management not available through normal referral services. Read more about our Care-Connect Program at

Contact us to learn more or to set up a Lunch and Learn Workshop or Care Management Clinic for your employees: 866-963-5777

*“MetLife Caregiving Cost Study: Productivity Losses to U.S. Business”

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