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Exploring Creativity at Krause with CITY ArtWorks


krause cityartworksThe Krause girls found their inner Van Goghs and Monets this summer, with a little help from the City ArtWorks program. “Coloring the community through meaningful art experiences,” City ArtWorks is a visual arts program that visits schools and teaches art classes in summer camps all over Houston. Two teachers from City ArtWorks visited Krause over a two-week period recently, to teach painting, charcoals, pastels, basket weaving, and origami.

City ArtWorks has been coming to Krause for several years, each visit proving that the hands-on art experience allows children to flourish when given the opportunity to explore their own creativity.

Some of the projects were more challenging than others. Many of the girls found that making baskets from newspapers was pretty tricky. But they stuck with it. Teacher Susan Wingfield said the girls “did a great job and made me proud with how they followed through with the activity.” krause cityartworks baskets

Every day the girls were anxious to know what the next day’s activity would be, and anticipated the teachers’ return.  The teachers were touched by the girls’ desire to learn more about art.  They spent hours with the girls and even took the time to draw their portraits.  “This activity is unique,” said one girl.  “It gives us a chance to learn art!” Another girl added, “And we get to know new people.”

The girls really came to enjoy the visits and one gave the teacher a piece of art that said, “THANK YOU.“  Another girl jumped in and said, “I want to make ya’ll a thank you card too.”

On the last day, the Krause girls each decorated a personalized book. The purpose of the activity was for them to create images that represented their interests, hobbies, and life story.  One girl drew a heart because she said she is a warm-hearted person and cares for others. She also drew a rose because she described herself as feminine and sincere. On another page, she drew a mountain with people climbing to the top. “I drew this because I have high hopes for myself,” she said.

Enjoy the gallery!

krause cityartworks gallerykrause cityartworks wcskrause cityartworks tu

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