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10 Testimonies from LSS Adoptive Parents


open adoption in progressAs an adoption agency that has facilitated well over 8,000 adoptions in the last 60 years, Lutheran Social Services has so many wonderful stories to tell about the lives that were changed, prayers answered, and families completed. History, knowledge, and perspective combine to make our agency one of the foremost adoption resources in Texas – and the place for birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies to turn for compassionate guidance.

The collection of testimonials and thank-yous we receive from LSS adoptive parents is very very long, and we love that. If you just don’t know if adoption is the right choice for you, or a family member or friend, please read just a sampling of the comments from our adoptive parents below. And don’t hesitate to call the LSS domestic adoption specialists at 512- 706-7524 or go to our adoption website for answers to all your questions about adoption.

In the Words of LSS Adoptive Parents:

1) On the day we had the call that she was being born, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We were not prepared for the amount of love we would have for our daughter. It was instant and beyond anything either of us has felt. It put our love for anything else in perspective. Our experience at the hospital was amazing when we prayed with the birth parents and they placed our daughter in my wife’s arms. We never could have imagined how perfect our daughter is for us. She continues to grow our hearts as we fall more and more in love with her each day. Andy, adoptive father

2) As our beautiful daughter approaches her 18th birthday, I find myself looking back and remembering the day that changed our lives forever, 17 years ago in September 1996.  The joy we had is indescribable as we saw and held the angel that God saw fit to bless us with. Looking into her birthmother’s face, I realized that while we now felt complete and filled with more joy than words could ever describe, there was a young woman who had made the ultimate sacrifice for us to have that feeling. It broke my heart to see the sorrow in her eyes but it also reassured me when I saw the tremendous love in those same eyes as she looked at that precious baby.

We have been blessed with having a fully open relationship with our daughter’s birth mother and birth father.  Our daughter is very proud to have and know this “other family” that loves her too, including her three brothers.  It has been so wonderful over the years to share all the ups and downs of our daughter’s life with them, to keep them assured that she is truly loved, healthy, and happy. LSSS (as they were called then) made our journey so easy. We can never thank them enough. Jacki, adoptive mother

3) I was honored to be in the delivery room with my daughter’s birth mother, to have been the one who cut her cord and the first to hold her. She was perfect in every way and it was one of the happiest days of my life. To be given the gift of motherhood. She’s my little light. My little happy. I am a stay-at-home mom and I love every second of it.  Kim, adoptive mom

4) For the last 6 months, we have been laughing, playing, and growing together.  He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen, and we know that part of that is just his nature, but part of it has to be that he knows how happy we are to have him.  I don’t think that any father, mother, and baby have ever been more perfectly matched.  I’ve never been happier. Casey, adoptive dad

5) Our baby was maybe two days old and as I sat with her alone in the hospital room I completely broke my promise that I wouldn’t fall in love too soon. I’ve since managed to forgive myself.  She wakes up every day wearing a smile and prepared to explore the world with her grabbing fingers and toothless gums. She’s always ready to belly-laugh with the slightest tickle. She’s eager to teach her big brother how to share his toys. She revels in splashing water in her tiny inflatable bathtub. She learns words like “adorable” and “precious” when she goes out to the stores. And she’ll fall asleep in my arms with a gentle rock. I think that’s the best part. She’s already brought so much love and joy to our family that it’s hard to imagine even what the next few years will be like. Simply put, she’s been a wonderful daughter.  Paul, Adoptive father

6) The adoption of our son has been an answer to a lot of prayers. We are so blessed to be parents and have enjoyed watching him grow. He learns new things each day and is adjusting very well.  I am thrilled to be a stay-at-home mom and love spending time snuggling with him. We are overjoyed to have him in our family. Initially we were nervous about meeting his birth mom prior to placement, but have found this provided a lot of peace post-placement, knowing a little more about her and knowing she had chosen us. We are thankful for the time we spent with her and feel this was very special.   Libby, adoptive mom

7) Our family is so precious now that our daughter is a part of it. She’s a calm, happy baby and you can tell she’ll be a gentle loving person, filled with playfulness and curiosity about everything around her.  Michael, adoptive father

8) I don’t know how our family would be complete without our little girl. It’s been a completely different experience in so many ways than when we adopted our first child, primarily because she is a different human being, but it has been an enlightening and wonderful experience. She is enriching our lives as parents, as a family and her brother’s life as he is still just beginning to form his character and nature. We are all better for having her in our life and we are so excited to continue our lives with this precious, tiny little girl.  Victoria, adoptive mom

9) From the moment our son was born, my wife and I  have both had a feeling that God meant for us to be together. Holding him in our arms, giving him his bottles, playing with him, and just being with him feels very natural to both of us. He is doing amazingly well and it is so much fun to watch him change, grow and learn every day! I already can’t imagine our lives without him.  We are both so thankful to LSS for guiding us through this process and matching us with our boy’s birthmom.   Jon, adoptive father

10) It’s hard to put into words what the last six months have meant to me. I didn’t expect that becoming a parent would happen so instantaneously. There is nothing more incredible then when your child smiles at you for the first time or recognizes your voice. Adoption gave us this beautiful opportunity to become parents. Debbie, adoptive mother

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