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Unplanned Pregnancy and Options Counseling


Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Or perhaps someone you love? Women and couples in similar circumstances often find themselves plagued with questions and concerns. Often, they’re scared, unsure of who to trust, and at a loss for where to turn, where to find support.

If you're experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you probably have a lot of questions. Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas can help.

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you probably have a lot of questions. Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas can help.

Even if you’re feeling scared and overwhelmed, the good news is that you’re currently looking for answers and seeking help. In our history, Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas has helped approximately 8,000 children find forever families in Texas; aside from helping birth parents and adoptive families navigate the legal process of adoption, we also provide counseling to birth mothers.

What is “options counseling”?

When faced with the physical demands of pregnancy, and the emotional demands of what needs to be done next, everyday life and the decisions that have to be made can overwhelm an expectant mother. Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas offers support and guidance as you address each of the steps through options counseling, which can include:

  • Discussion regarding the different approaches you can take on the pending birth of your child and the impact it will have on both of you for a lifetime
  • Navigating the communication between you and your family members
  • Involvement of the baby’s biological father in the decision-making process
  • Discussion of your feelings in regard to peer pressure and self-doubt about how a loving mother could possibly choose adoption
  • Explanation and assistance with understanding the legal process of adoption
  • Discussions about the criteria you desire in an adoptive couple
  • Assistance in selecting a family and developing a relationship with them
  • Guidance in creating an individualized plan regarding the delivery process and hospital experience
  • Help with preparing a social, medical history, and a statement explaining your wishes in the lifelong journey that will connect you with the adoptive family through the love of your child
  • Referrals to resources within the community if you need assistance that is not pregnancy-related, or if you choose to parent your baby
  • Discussions regarding future plans beyond this pregnancy and delivery

Are you considering adoption for your child? Do you have more questions? Perhaps you’re interested in options counseling? Please contact our adoption specialists today to start getting some answers.

  • Call us toll free at (800) 396-4611
  • After hours: (855) 482-3678
  • Email us at [email protected]

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