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Flower Power! BP Energy Workday at Krause


krause bpworkersOn September 10 BP Energy brought out 10 volunteers to Krause Children’s Center in Katy, ready to get to work and add mulch to the pretty gardens they planted around the Center in May.

BP has partnered with Krause and supported the children there for years, and BP work days involve digging into major landscape projects and whatever else needs to be done to keep the campus shipshape.

In May the BP workers brought in hundreds of plants, ranging from plumbegos to creeping jasmine, resulting in more natural beauty at Krause. On this most recent visit, volunteers also added landscape timbers to keep the mulch and soil in place on rainy days.

There were lots of oohhs and aaaahhhs from the Krause kids, who love the way their new garden looks. CEO Steven Lancaster agreed, saying “Our dear friends from BP continue to amaze in the ways they create a nurturing and peaceful environment for our girls. The latest landscape magic can be seen in our courtyard space and surrounding planting beds. Thank you for making the Center a more inviting, healing place.”

krause bp workers 9-14 krause bp workergirl krause bp 2-14

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