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6 Lessons the Vineyard Teaches About a Christian Life


KS W&WIn his book, Wine and the Word, Savor & Serve, LSS CEO Dr. Kurt Senske couples the art and miracle of wine with vivid imagery from the vineyard. Following is a recent article he wrote for Beliefnet.

Lessons from the Vineyard:

1) Patience: Wine isn’t made overnight

Like growing a successful vineyard, the path to “becoming family” is often a crooked one. Years, even decades, may pass before we can be sure that we have had a hand in creating something God-pleasing. And so we strive to lay the building blocks for a legacy that reflects our Christian faith, knowing that our decisions and acts of service today will impact future generations.

2) Enhance Your Varietal Character

The question before us – staying with wine as a metaphor for faith and discipleship is “What is our varietal character?” There are aspects of all our lives which are, since we are sinners, in need of work …What actions might we incorporate in order to enhance our varietal character, to present ourselves to others for a more favorable review?

3) Integration is Key

There are times our lives, like an improperly poured glass of wine, lack integration and balance. Integration requires that we pay equal attention to both the doing and being aspects of our lives. It is as important to take time for spiritual renewal and personal revitalization as it is to reach out and serve others.

4) Be Expressive

As a fine wine distinguishes itself from the not-so-fine bottles, we are called on to declare by our words and deeds that we are distinct among the crowd. Yet, it is often difficult for us to express our faith with clarity. Before we know it, we discover that we have allowed the distinctive nature of our Christian faith to become sullied and we quietly ask, “What happened?”

5) Stay Grounded

Sometimes vineyard owners are seduced by their own success. In a culture of consumerism, we are constantly driven to accumulate. But understanding both the mortal and futility and eternal significance of our lives, we can be intentional about developing practices that remind us of what is truly important.

6) What’s in Your Wine Cellar?

I am not referring to the one that houses your favorite beverage, but to something far more personal; it is the cellar that lies immediately beneath our public persona where we hide our traits and weaknesses. To live out Christ’s calling means in part to confront and acknowledge all of these

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