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The Reason for the Survey Season


CARF survey kidOnce again, LSS is wrapping up “Survey Season.” You didn’t realize there was such a season?

Our Compliance Department has spent the past several months reaching out, via survey, to people served by LSS including: foster parents, residential treatment center residents, foster children and adoptive parents. After surveys are returned, the department aggregates the data and evaluates how we’re doing from our customers’ standpoint.

Surveys play an important role in the services we provide. While LSS staff is always available to accept comments and concerns, surveys give participants a voice and provide a reliable method to provide real feedback on what we’re doing right and where we need to improve.

Demereal Owens, LSS VP of Compliance, has used this tool successfully for years. “I’ve designed custom surveys for each of our programs including a special survey for children complete with smiley/sad faces and others that have been translated into Spanish,” says Demereal. “My favorite surveys are the ones we get back from the kids filled out in crayon.” She keeps surveys short and simple, while addressing issues that are very important to LSS and our clients.

Here’s a sample for foster children:




Through annual and quarterly surveys, LSS has learned which trainings foster parents feel would be more beneficial, and also that 93 percent of children responding say they feel safe in their foster homes. In addition, LSS has a list of activities and entertainment residents at Krause and New Life Children’s Centers are interested in.

Most importantly, our clients know we value their input – even the youngest and most fragile of those we serve. “A good survey should encourage participation,” says Demereal. “Everyone should feel their input is wanted and important.”

LSS is one of only a few CARF-accredited child services agency in Texas [CARF – Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities].

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