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Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling: Yesterday & Today

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Photo caption: This is a photo of the writer’s grandson with his favorite stuffed doggie, which belonged to Meghan when she was a little girl.

Photo caption: This is a photo of the writer’s grandson with his favorite stuffed doggie, which belonged to Meghan when she was a little girl.

Mike Nevergall, LSS vice president, Agency Advancement, recently received a hand-written letter from a donor that touched all our hearts. Twenty-five years earlier, this mother had accompanied her daughter on a visit to the LSS adoption department, where Meghan (not her real name) reached out for counseling about an unplanned pregnancy. Following is that letter, with names and a few details changed to protect the family’s privacy.

Dear LSS Friends,

We are holding in our hearts forever the kind, God-sent support you gave our daughter Meghan, way back in the fall of 1990! We were living in San Antonio; Meghan was pregnant and afraid.  She lived with us and had been rejected by the baby’s father.  She was torn about what to do when her baby was born.  Meghan is a precious, tender soul, and it was a time of acute pain and indecision.

Then Meghan found YOU, Lutheran Social Services!  She took me with her to see you. We stepped on a stone path leading into your counseling offices. Each step had a scripture carved into it.  My heart was encouraged, and Meghan’s was too. Inside we found Ellie, the most wise, caring and reassuring person.  If you can locate Ellie, please give her big hugs and love from Meghan and me. Meghan’s decision following that day for her precious little son was to give him over into the care and pure love of her Christian brother and his wife. She wanted her little boy to have a good Daddy! Her heart (and mine) broke, but also felt thankful.  It was a bittersweet time for us all.

Our grandson is now 24!  He’s our heart and JOY. He is gifted and beloved by our extended family. He has made mistakes, but all will be well. God bless you for your ministry of compassion.

For this child we have prayed.  And the Lord has granted us our petition which we made to him. Therefore we have lent him to the Lord; as long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord.” I Samuel 1:27-2-8

Forever we will remember how you helped us.

Proud Grandma

The LSS Voluntary Infant Adoption Program: Hope and immediate help for birth mothers who are considering making an adoption plan.

Because LSS has been counseling individuals about adoption for over 60 years, specifically women with unplanned pregnancies, our adoption specialists have a lot of experience to share.  Free post-adoption counseling for birth parents and adoptive families is always available.

LSS respects and holds dear birth parents who are considering adoption. Let us help support you in your decision.

Contact us at 512-781-4275 or [email protected]. After hours calls should go to 855-482-3678.

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