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A Bold New Vision for Texas Children Begins April 2

A Bold New Vision for Texas Children 5

NewLSS card front (3)Thursday, April 2 will be an extraordinary day for our organization as we unveil our bold new vision for Texas children, to be carried out through a multi-faceted package of initiatives and approaches, all wrapped in our new brand.

With the possible exception of the Alamo, there is no more special place in Texas than the State Capitol, where on that morning our leader, Dr. Kurt Senske, will make the big announcement – but he will not be alone at the podium.

We gave a great deal of thought as to whom should stand alongside him that morning to speak to our new vision, and identified three major leaders in our state – one from each branch of government – who we felt were the perfect combination for the occasion. To our good fortune, all three have accepted our invitation, and I’d like to identify them and the reasons we selected them.

Representing the Executive Branch will be State Comptroller Glenn Hegar, a long-time friend, supporter and volunteer with our agency. Glenn and his family are examples of what makes Texas great – combining the spirit of entrepreneurship with the stewardship of servant leadership. He knows us very well and can best articulate why faith-based organizations and initiatives are so important to the fabric of our state and the future of generations to come.

Senator Kirk Watson of our headquarters district in Austin will represent the Legislative Branch, and has a long track record both in the Senate and as Mayor of Austin in being part of a number of significant transformational initiatives in this community. As we will first roll out our new continuum approach in the Austin area, seeking to build significant impact that we will carry to other parts of Texas, Senator Watson can best speak to the powerful nature of our new vision and plan.

The judicial branch plays a central role in the lives of children and youth, and we are thrilled that Justice Eva Guzman of the Texas Supreme Court will also join us in heralding this new day. In addition to her court duties, Justice Guzman chairs the Supreme Court Permanent Commission on Children, Youth and Families, which is engaged in numerous endeavors to make the judicial process better serve the interests of impacted children. She can voice those interests as well as anyone.

That is an outstanding lineup …  but wait, there’s more. Our big day would not be complete if we did not include an opportunity for the voice of those we serve to be heard. Joining Dr. Senske, Comptroller Hegar, Senator Watson and Justice Guzman on the program will be a participant in our Austin BeREAL Program for youth aging out of foster care We can say more about her after April 2 – for today, join us in the exciting days of anticipation, and if you have not already done so, please sign up for communications at Thank you!

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