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Community Comes Together for Krause Prom

56528857 This is not the first year Krause has had a prom. But this prom is certainly shaping up to be the most memorable.

It was the Katy Chamber of Commerce that really got the ball rolling. Chamber CEO and president Ann Hodge was determined to help the kids at Krause Children’s Center have “A Night to Remember” ―which just happens to be the theme of the prom this Friday, May 21st.

So the Katy Chamber successfully collected more than 80 dresses for the 50 Krause girls, and arranged to rent tuxes for the guys. Then they started collecting shoes (no plastic flip-flops for this prom!) and are paying for the DJ and corsages.

Tawana Goodwin, Krause director of volunteer services, felt the momentum and volunteer energy building, and ran with it, emailing other schools and service groups. There has been an overwhelming response from Krause staff members who are volunteering to help chaperone and fill in where needed.

Absolutely! Magazine has stepped up to provide the food and HCTV-worthy decorations.

On Monday, Krause friends from the Monarch School came by to donate 60 dresses, which they collected in one week!

And the list goes on:

· One volunteer mentor shopped online to gather 50 prom dresses

· Nine volunteers are on board for hairstyling

· Thursday night the National Charity League, Azalea Chapter is having a “Shoe and toe Party” ― an assembly line of pedicures

· Seven Lakes High School collected money for the tuxedoes

And the Dress Total Hits …

Perhaps most extraordinary, is how the word spread and the prom dresses kept rolling in: reaching a grand total by Monday night of (drum roll, fist bump) 500! After volunteers sorted the dresses by size, the 50 girls had 10 dresses each and piles of shoes to choose from, and Tawana Goodwin reports that the shopping frenzy Monday night was as much fun as it sounds.

This is only Chapter One of the Krause Prom story. Chapter Two will be the recap of “A Night to Remember.”

To quote Tawana, “This is what coming together as a community is all about!”

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