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June 16th

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The New LSS: Here We Stand

As we begin writing the next chapter in our agency’s more than 135-year history, Upbring – the new Lutheran Social Services of the South – steps forward with renewed vigor and focus.

We all grow up but none of us gets to choose how. We don’t get to choose between a house filled with love or one with anger; parents who support us or ones who tear us down. We don’t get to choose how we are brought up in this world but we can choose how the next generation is. This is our mission – to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families and communities. It’s not just about raising children in a safer environment. It’s about raising expectations for what a childhood should be. And it’s going to take all of us.

Our Mission, “To break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families and communities” focuses on improving long-term outcomes for all Texas children and reducing recidivism in child abuse by focusing on five key markers that we know will forge a path to a future free from abuse. This requires an entirely new way of thinking; and requires the whole community to be involved.

The Challenge of Child Abuse

Texas is a rapidly growing state with abundant opportunities for its residents. But, at the same time, families must deal with the troubles and tensions that families face even in good times. In 2015, 66,721 unduplicated victims of child abuse were confirmed and 17,151 children were removed from their homes. Despite all of our good work, we remain haunted by the fact that so many children continue to suffer abuse or neglect. The inability to cope with the stress of too much or too little work, poverty, drug or alcohol abuse, marital conflict, isolation and other issues, in many instances leads to abuse of children – the most vulnerable members of a household and of our communities.

We recognize that children enter the system at different stages of their lives and due to varying life events. Because the types of abuse vary among children, we are committed to raising the standards and addressing the entire spectrum.

Faith in Every Future: We can do no other

We are lion-hearted, evidence-minded and faith-inspired in our pursuit to break the cycle of child abuse and equipping others to do the same through our example. This is an exciting time for the agency – we believe that we have a God-given opportunity to shape the way we deliver our programs and services and shape the way Texas treats children. We have Faith in Every Future and believe it’s all of our responsibility to become a premier nonprofit leader and make a difference.

Our Journey to The New LSS

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