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Spiritual Care

Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul

Upbring is on a mission to break the cycle of child abuse. When children are first brought to us, we immediately provide a safe home where they are physically safe. But as a faith-based organization, we are called to go farther. We provide spiritual care through religious materials and opportunities for the children, foster families, employees and chaplains working with the children.

Spiritual Care for our Foster Families

Most of the children, as well as the parents, served by the Upbring Foster In Texas (FIT) program have gone through some sort of heart-breaking experience. The children have been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect, and many parents have experienced complications with fertility. In either case, our clients feel the family they so desperately seek has been taken from them. That is one reason we provide spiritual care to our FIT families. No matter what their faith background, Spiritual Care helps them remain emotionally balanced and build strong bonds with their new family members.

Upbring has a Spiritual Care fund established to provide age-appropriate Bibles to our FIT children and prayer books to their foster parents. This program is currently being offered through our Dallas/Ft. Worth offices, while we raise funds to roll it out statewide.

Spiritual Care at our Children’s Centers

Spiritual Care is an important—and often life-changing—initiative at our children’s residential centers. The children arrive feeling isolated, unloved and abandoned, convinced that nothing in their lives can or will ever change for the better. Some are sure that God is mad at them. Our chaplains, employees and volunteers meet them wherever they are, and help them find the answers they seek—on their own—through prayer, the Bible and other spiritual resources. As the answers they find are internalized, they gain hope, begin to connect with others and receive the unconditional acceptance they are being offered. As they build trust, they feel safe reaching out for help and begin to heal.

All children at the centers are welcomed with open arms, regardless of the denomination they affiliate themselves with. Though participation in Spiritual Care activities must be voluntary, on average about 95 percent of the school-age youth served in our residential facilities choose to participate in at least one Spiritual Care activity every week.

These activities include:

  • On-campus chapel services
  • Choir
  • Spiritual mentoring
  • Off-campus activities
  • Baptisms
  • Bible studies/fellowship
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Crochet/loom knitting for nursing home residents, as a “give of yourself to others” service project

This type of care and support is available to these children because of generous donations and volunteers. Child Protective Services funds cannot be used for Spiritual Care. If you wish to support the Spiritual Care ministry, please visit our donation and volunteer pages.

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