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June 16th

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Raising the standards – It’s all of our responsibility to make a difference

Texas is a rapidly growing state with abundant opportunities for its residents. But, at the same time, families must deal with the troubles and tensions that families face even in good times. In 2015, 66,721 unduplicated victims of child abuse were confirmed and 17,151 children were removed from their homes. Despite all of our good work, we remain haunted by the fact that so many children continue to suffer abuse or neglect.

This problem is bigger than any one entity and will take a group of strategic partners to help us break the cycle of child abuse — changing the way we work and raising the standards in abuse prevention. Upbring will accomplish this through an innovative continuum of services and community partnerships, each tracking progress against markers of safety, life skills, education, health, and vocation, all of which are critical to breaking the cycle of child abuse.

Upbring is excited to announce the following Strategic Alliance Partners:

This is an exciting time for the agency — we believe that we have a God-given opportunity to shape the agency and shape the way Texas treats children. It’s all of our responsibility to make a difference.

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