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Future Employee

Why work at Upbring? It’s quite simple – when you go to work surrounded by people just as passionate as you, it doesn’t feel like work. Because our professional goals and responsibilities affect the daily life of families, we take our mission very seriously.

At the same time, helping others fills us with joy. We love to celebrate successes and acknowledge achievements, birthdays, work anniversaries and other milestones. We “lift up” our employees, in addition to the people we serve.

Become An Employee

Applying for Employment

Upbring is a lion-hearted, evidence-minded and faith-inspired in our pursuit to break the cycle of child abuse and equipping others to do the same through our example. This is an exciting time for the agency – we believe that we have a God-given opportunity to shape the way we deliver our programs and services and shape the way Texas treats children. We provide an online job search and job application for regular and temporary employment.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Upbring is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Upbring is committed to providing equal opportunity to all employees and individuals seeking employment or access to its programs, facilities or services, and will not discriminate against these persons because of race, color, national origin or ancestry, gender, religion, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or any other protected status as established under applicable law.

Our Key Locations

  • Austin Texas
  • Houston
  • Dallas
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  • El Paso

Eligibility for Employment

Criminal History Background Check

It is the policy of Upbring to conduct a criminal background check including sex offender registry check on any applicant who has been offered employment with our organization. This applies to all full-time, part-time, regular, temporary or volunteer.

Employment Eligibility Verification

If hired, you will be required to complete the Federal Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. You will be required to present acceptable, original documents to prove your identity and authorization to work. You must present acceptable, original documents no later than the third work day, or you will not be employed by the Upbring.


Upbring uses E-Verify to check the work authorization of all new. For more information about E-Verify, please see the following:




An employee granted a leave under this policy will continue to be covered under Upbring insurance plans if enrolled at time of leave under the same conditions as coverage would have been provided if they had been continuously employed during the leave period. Employee contributions will be done through payroll deduction during the leave. If the leave is unpaid, the employee shall pay Upbring the employee’s contributions missed by the employee while on

Upbring’s obligations to maintain health insurance coverage cease under FMLA if an employee’s premium payment is more than 30 days late. In order to drop the coverage for an employee whose premium payment is late, Upbring must provide written notice to the employee that the payment has not been received. The notice must be mailed to the employee at least 15 days before coverage is to cease, and must advise that coverage will be dropped on a specified date at least 15 days after the date of the letter unless the payment has been received by that date.

Upbring may drop the employee from coverage retroactively.

If coverage lapses because an employee has not made required premium payments, upon the employee’s return from FMLA leave, Upbring must still restore the employee to coverage/benefits equivalent to those the employee would have had if leave had not been taken and the premium payment(s) had not been missed.”

Benefits Overview

Upbring offers a comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees. Employees may be eligible for group health insurance and paid leave accruals.

The Human Resources office endeavors to provide our staff valid and accurate information for the various employment and family life changes.

Benefit Eligibility: Upbring offers benefits to those employees who work thirty (30) or more hours per week. Insurance (health and term life) is available the first of the month following thirty (30) calendar days of continuous employment. All coverage ceases on the last day of the month in which termination occurs.

Upbring Compensation Philosophy

Upbring is committed to ensuring that our compensation programs are directly linked to our Mission and Core Values. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to raising the standards through an innovate continuum of services and community partnerships each tracking progress against markers of safety, life skills, education, health and vocation, all of which are critical to breaking the cycle of child abuse.

Our strategic goals and business results are dependent upon our ability to attract, retain, and engage a well-qualified, highly motivated, and sustainable workforce that embraces teamwork, integrity, adaptability, and providing outstanding care and service.

Our market competitive compensation and benefit programs and career development opportunities are designed to attract and retain top talent. We have defined our strategy and guiding principles for how pay will be determined, managed, and communicated for our exempt and non-exempt workforce.

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