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Experience. Knowledge. Trust.

Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption have served children, families and communities since 1881 and have provided adoption guidance, specifically to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, since 1944. Through the placement of more than 8,000 children into loving, forever homes, Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption are experts in offering long-term support and dependability to their birth parents and adoptive families.

Upbring Adoption offers:

Unplanned Pregnancy Services. Confidential options counseling, support and resources to help you explore your choices – anywhere in Texas.

Open Adoption. Allows birth parents and adoptive parents the opportunity to stay connected.

Adoption Planning. Work closely with an adoption specialist to create the best life possible for your baby. YOU are in control throughout the entire process.

Financial Assistance. Upbring helps with medical, living and other expenses directly related to your pregnancy as allowed by Texas law.

Finding a Family. Choose the life your child will have. Select from a group of families trained, screened and approved to provide a safe and secure forever home for your baby.

Legal Help. We help you facilitate all legal documents necessary to finalize the adoption placement.

Free Services. ALL services we provide are FREE to our birth parents.

Post Adoption Services. Adoption is a lifelong process, and it’s common for birth families and adoptive families to need support down the road. We are always here to help and offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Upbring International Adoption offers:

Hague Accreditation. We have become a Hague Accredited agency by meeting the U.S. State Department’s standard for international adoptions since 2008.  We strive to provide ethical adoption services that are in the best interest of each child.

Bulgarian Adoptions. More than 7,000 children live in Bulgarian orphanages – we are committed to finding them loving homes.  We have partnered with New Beginning Association, a foundation accredited by the Bulgarian government, to facilitate international adoptions. For more information about Bulgarian children waiting to be adopted, click here.

International Partnerships. Families choose to adopt internationally for a variety of reasons – let us help. We are facilitating adoptions with more than 40 agencies from various countries, including: China, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda and Ukraine.

Home Study Services. The home study is NOT a test. It’s our opportunity to get to know you better. What is your background? What type of child are you hoping to adopt? What motivates you? A professional home study is a required part of the process, helping you determine if international adoption is a good fit for your family.  Our staff is skilled and experienced, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Post Placement/Post Adoption Services. We provide post placement services to families as required by the overseas governments. Adoption is a lifelong process, and it’s common for families to need support – we are here to help.

Upbring Adoption helps women facing unplanned pregnancies explore their choices with grace – providing confidential counseling in Texas, legal help, open adoptions, financial assistance and more. Our experienced adoption specialists help birth mothers create the best life possible for their babies.

Texas couples choose to grow their families through adoption for a variety of reasons, and Upbring offers the following services:

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