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Polyimalformative syndrome (holoprosecephaly)
Microcephaly; Heilognatopalatoschisis; Symptomatic epilepsy;
Delays in physical and neuro-psychological development.

Haley is a very special 2-year-old who needs a loving and caring home. She currently lives in a baby home in Eastern Europe.

Haley has been diagnosed with several malformations, including a severe malformative syndrome affecting the central nervous system (brain structures), symptomatic epilepsy, nasal septum deformity, nasal congenital atrophy and cleft palate, and a severe lag in physical, psychomotor and mental development. She needs specialized care.

She can straighten her head briefly while holding someone’s hands, but she does not hold it very long. Haley reacts to loud sounds, and when an adult puts a toy in her hand, her grip is spastic.

Haley is on a permanent anticonvulsant therapy that is working well, and she is receiving support and intervention from different specialists. She is entirely dependent on the care of an adult, and she is restless when being changed or bathed, though her sleep is calm. She is fed by a pacifier, which can be slow and difficult due to her facial jaw anomaly.

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