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June 16th

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Here We Stand

When it comes to improving long-term outcomes for all Texas children, advocacy plays an important role across the full spectrum of protective factors known to drive positive outcomes.

Breaking the cycle of child abuse is a complex social challenge that requires the involvement of all sectors of the Texas economy and society. This challenge cannot be solved by government alone, or for that matter, by the faith-based nonprofit sector alone – we need all of Texas to be part of the conversation and the solutions.

Together, we can achieve this mission if we align in a common belief and shared purpose of breaking the cycle of abuse for generations to come.

We approach these efforts from a positive perspective – viewing the challenge as a great opportunity. We celebrate the good news that every day, millions of Texas parents answer the call and do a great job of bringing up their children – as do our more than 300 Upbring foster families who provide loving and stable homes.

By driving a conversation around why it is so important that Texas express “Faith in Every Future,” we can elevate expectations for every childhood and bring every child up.

We invite you to join us in this work!

Please contact Knox Kimberly at [email protected] or 512.706.7502 for more information.

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