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June 16th

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Foundation Partners

Foundations play an important role in Upbring’s mission to break the cycle of child abuse.

Serving over 30,000 individuals annually, Upbring focuses on providing care and resources to children in foster care and those recovering from the traumatic long-term effects of abuse. We understand that child abuse has a lasting effect on the health of our society and appreciate foundation partners who are ready to ensure this cycle does not continue.

From clothing for foster children to therapeutic family facilities and ongoing operating costs, foundations help fill a gap and provide resources that lend toward giving the children and youth we serve dignity, resiliency and prospects for a brighter future.

We are appreciative of previous and ongoing foundation contributions, which have included grants for statewide therapeutic foster care and trauma informed therapy, stipends for foster children to purchase their own shoes and clothing, funding for gardens and summer activities for children in our care, and assistance to fill unmet needs for young women living in our residential treatment centers.

In the future, we seek to engage foundations as not only financial providers, but also as thought partners. Changing the trajectory of Texas children through collaborative efforts is something we cannot accomplish alone. For the good of our children’s futures, please join us.

If you are interested in helping Upbring change these children’s trajectories and break the cycle of child abuse, we invite you to partner with us.

Please contact Loren Riemer at [email protected] or 512-706-7543 to discover how you can make a difference.

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