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Impact Report

Impact Report 2019

Who We Are

At Upbring, we are changemakers determined to create a world where all children are cherished. Inspired by faith, we diligently serve children and families.

What We Do

With our partners, we deliver services that produce measurable progress toward five key markers of every child’s well‑being: safety, life skills, education, health and vocation.

How We Succeed

Our mission to break the cycle of child abuse is bigger than any single organization. Working with our generous friends and our key stakeholders, Upbring is building brighter futures for Texas children.

A Hero is

a person who is appreciated for their courage, accomplishments or honorable qualities. Heroes put others first, give when it’s not required of them and stand up for what they know is right, even when it won’t be easy. Many of the children in our care walked through life without a hero by their side. Their lives may have been filled with violence, fear and hopelessness…until you showed them that a different future was possible.

Below, we’ll share real stories about children and families whose lives were changed because of your support.

Thank you for your shared partnership and steadfast support.

Stories of Your Impact

A Hero for a
Child’s Future

Rachel grew up believing that no one loved her. That’s what her mother told her every day. When her mother began assaulting her physically as well as verbally, she started running away. Over time, she lost hope that her situation would change. In late December 2012, she attempted to end her life.

Rachel spent Christmas Day alone in a hospital, but the new year began with a fresh start when she arrived at New Life Children’s Center–even though at first, she only felt fear. She saw other girls thinking about college and dreaming about their futures, but Rachel felt like she did not have a future. “I couldn’t see myself getting through the day; I couldn’t see tomorrow,” she said.

After spending a few weeks at New Life and participating in the therapeutic programs at the campus, Rachel felt hopeful for the first time in years. New Life staff noticed her progress and their encouragement continued to inspire her to move forward. She felt like she was changing, and knew others noticed too. She stopped focusing on what was going wrong in her life and started focusing on her achievements. She was no longer afraid to look ahead.

Today, Rachel attends college with the career goal of working with children who were once in CPS care. With hope for her future restored, she looks forward to tomorrow. “I now believe that if I can just dream it and put in the work for it, I can do it,” she said.

Your gifts help us show girls like Rachel that they can have the kind of future that they once thought was impossible.

“I now believe that if I can just dream it and put in the work for it, I can do it.”

A Hero for a
Child’s Confidence

Ash and Patty Wright dreamed of raising a family together. After a heartbreaking struggle with infertility, a friend helped them consider other options by introducing them to Upbring’s Foster In Texas Program. When Ash and Patty learned about the need for foster parents, they knew right away that it was what they were meant to do.

The Wrights fostered several children who needed temporary homes and then welcomed five-year-old Nathan. They officially adopted him one year later on his sixth birthday.

Ash and Patty found joy in watching Nathan’s confidence bloom. “I remember feeling so much peace about our future together as a family,” Patty said when recalling adoption day.

The Wright family felt Upbring’s support, made possible by generous friends like you, through their entire fostering to adoption experience. Ash and Patty specifically recall how receiving Christmas presents for Nathan and a stipend to buy school clothing while they were fostering was extremely helpful. “Our first Christmas together was the first time Nathan called us mom and dad,” recalls Ash, “I think he needed something tangible like gifts around the tree to feel secure.”

While Ash, Patty and Nathan are all heroes in this story, so are you! With your support, Upbring helped Nathan as he entered foster care, healed from the trauma of child abuse and was united with his forever family!

“I remember feeling so much peace about our future together as a family.”

A Hero for a
Child’s Dream

From as early as age three, Layla remembers being on her own. She was raised by a single mother who was addicted to drugs. While her childhood was tough, the worst was yet to come. At thirteen, after her mother became violent, Layla sought help from her best friend’s parents, who would eventually become her foster parents.

When she graduated high school, Layla knew she needed to decide where she wanted her life to go next. She had supportive foster parents, but Layla needed extra support to determine if she could afford to go to college and move into her own place. Hope came to Layla when she was accepted into Upbring’s BeREAL program.

Because of your gifts, BeREAL paid for Layla’s rent, furniture and utilities and guided her through her transition from foster care to adulthood. “I know that I wouldn’t have been able to come to college and succeed in college without all the assistance that BeREAL and everyone involved has given me,” Layla said.

“I know that I wouldn’t have been able to come to college and succeed in college without all the assistance that BeREAL and everyone involved has given me.”

A Hero’s

Carl and Dolores have always had a heart for children in need, but a promise Carl made while serving in the army years ago led to their earnest commitment to Upbring and to the children in our care. Carl and Dolores met at a Lutheran youth gathering in Dallas in 1942. Soon after, Carl was drafted into the army to serve our country during World War II. Carl and Dolores stayed in touch through letters hoping to be reunited once again.

While stationed in the Philippines, Carl spent an unforgettable night in a foxhole, unsure that he would see another day. “I prayed and I made a promise to God right then that if I made it through, I would use my life to help young people,” he said. Carl survived through the night and when the war ended, he returned home dedicated to keeping his promise.

Carl and Dolores were married on September 28, 1947 and began their life together determined to faithfully care for their community. Dolores first learned about Upbring through her work at Trinity Lutheran Home in Round Rock. They were moved to hear about the compassionate care Upbring provides to children. Carl and Dolores later visited New Life Children’s Center and said that they “were so impressed by the girls and the staff.”

Several years ago, they decided to help continue Upbring’s legacy through a special gift in their estate plans. “New Life is close to our hearts and we understand that Upbring is growing and providing much-needed support to children across our state,” Dolores said. Gifts from generous donors like Carl and Dolores are the reason we can continue to offer programs and services that change lives. Thank you for your support.

Carl and Dolores Doering decided to help continue Upbring’s legacy through a special gift in their estate plans.



Upbring’s Innovation Lab teamed up with some of the world’s largest retailers, enabling you to make an immediate impact on the lives of children and families who need your support. Visit to learn more about how you can help.

New Head Start

Upbring received a grant award to serve over 400 additional children and families at 11 new locations through our Head Start and Early Head Start programs. We now serve more than 700 children and families through 15 total locations.

25 Years of
New Life

New Life Children’s Center celebrated 25 years of
life-changing services that restore hope and promote healing. Thank you for making this possible through your gifts and support.

The 86th Texas
Legislative Session

Texas is a better state for children and families because of the work accomplished during the 86th Legislature. Upbring offered public support for 83 bills, 34 of which were signed into law and none of the nine measures we publicly opposed were enacted.

All information is from Upbring’s Fiscal year 2019 – April 1, 2018 thru March 31, 2019..

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