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Building Families Through Adoption: Which Type of Adoption is Right for Your Family?

The journey of adoption usually begins with the exploration of the different types of adoption available. Researching the ways hopeful adoptive parents can expand their families and making a definitive decision on which path to choose can be overwhelming. This guide will explore the three types of adoption that are available to families looking to provide a child or children with a loving and forever home — Foster to Adopt, Domestic Infant Adoption and International Adoption, all offered by Upbring.


Foster to Adopt and Straight Adoption

Upbring Foster In Texas works with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to find loving temporary and permanent homes for children who have been removed from their biological parents due to neglect, physical abuse, substance abuse, etc. In most DFPS cases, the child is removed from their home and placed with a foster family. A judge will order the biological parents to complete certain tasks within a “reunification plan” to regain custody of their children. If the biological parents successfully complete all tasks asked of them and it is safe for the child to return home, then the child is reunified with their biological family.


If the biological parents do not take the necessary steps recommended by the courts, they will likely have their parental rights terminated, and the child will be eligible for adoption by relativestheir current foster family or another foster family licensed to adopt through foster care. Hopeful foster and adoptive families should understand that the primary goal of the DFPS is to reunite children with their biological parents. If that is not in the child’s best interest, they work to place them with relatives or with their current foster family when possible. If their current foster family is unable to adopt, the child will be placed with a foster family who is licensed to adopt. Foster and adoptive families should remain open to the possibility that the child or children will be reunited with their biological parents or placed with a relative.  


There are also thousands of children whose parents’ rights have already been terminated and are waiting for a forever family to adopt them from foster care. This type of adoption is called “straight adoption and is ideal for families who are not looking to take on the challenge of fostering a child but would prefer to adopt a child whose rights are already terminated. 


Adopting from the foster care system is generally free for foster and adoptive families as it is funded by the state of Texas and the DFPS. Some small fees may be incurred by the family for health and fire inspections of your home as well as FBI fingerprints during the background check process. With children under the age of six, the adoptive family may also be responsible for legal fees.


Domestic Infant Adoption

Domestic adoption is the voluntary and permanent relinquishment of an infant born in the United States by the biological parents. In most cases, an adoption plan is created by the expectant mother during her pregnancy with the help of a child-placing agency like Upbring. With the help of counseling from an adoption professional, the birth parents will decide the type of adoptive family they want for their child as well as the amount of contact they desire with their child and adoptive family. Some birth families will prefer a more open adoption, while others may choose to keep the adoption closed and have no contact with the adoptive family after placement. Typically, relinquishment documents are signed by the birth family at the hospital and the infant will go home from the hospital with their adoptive family.


Because Child Protective Services and the state of Texas are not involved with private infant adoptions, adoptive families are responsible for the fees associated with the adoption. In most cases, these fees are first paid to the adoption agency who manages costs and the adoption process on your behalf. The fees help pay for the adoptive family approval process (application, training and home study) and case management services, as well as birth parent, agency and attorney expenses, among other things.


It’s important to note that while there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of non-relative domestic adoptions completed over the past decade, there’s been no reduction in the number of American families looking to adopt infants via domestic adoption. In fact, some figures estimate that only 18,000 infants are adopted by non-relatives in the U.S. every year, and there are 36 waiting families for every one child who is placed.


Finally, wait times for families looking to adopt domestically can vary greatly depending on several factors including openness of the adoptive family regarding race and background of the child, the amount of contact they are willing to engage in with birth parents and ultimately, what expectant parents are looking for in an adoptive family for their baby. In Texas, most adoptions are finalized in court approximately six months after the baby is placed in the adoptive home at the conclusion of a period of post-placement supervision.


International Adoption

International adoption, also known as intercountry adoption, is the process of a family adopting an eligible child or children from a country outside of their own.


When a family considers international adoption, the first decision they must make is identifying from which country they hope to adopt. This is a vital first step because everything about the adoption process varies from one country to another. For example, dossier documents, wait times, the matching process, post-placement reporting requirements and many other things vary depending on the country you adopt from.


Once you’ve identified the country, your next step is to find an adoption agency, often referred to as a placing agency, that has a program operating in that country. This agency will then guide you through the complex process of finalizing your adoption. From the beginning tasks of having a home study conducted, completing necessary paperwork and navigating the immigration process to meeting your child, returning home and conducting post-placement reports, the agency you choose will stand by you step by step.


While the adoption process, including its many types, can seem overwhelming, Upbring’s adoption specialists and Foster In Texas staff stand ready to guide you through it allFor more information regarding domestic and international adoption, call 1-833-80ADOPT or visit more information about foster to adopt or straight adoption, please call 877-747-8110 or visit 



Kelly Keen, LMSW

Domestic Adoption Specialist

As a Licensed Master Social Worker with a background in foster care and adoption, Kelly Keen has a wealth of experience working directly with children and families. Kelly graduated from Texas State University with her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and received her Master of Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. As a Domestic Adoption Specialist at Upbring, Kelly has a passion for serving all members of the adoption triad; expectant parents, adoptive parents and children. She is committed to creating meaningful connections with expectant mothers and strives to provide the counsel and support they need throughout the adoption process and beyond. Kelly and her husband have three amazing children and reside in the Austin area.


What You Can Expect When Creating an Adoption Plan with Upbring

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional and scary time. Upbring’s caring and supportive Adoption Specialists can help you take control by assisting you in creating a unique adoption plan made just for you and your baby. Here’s what you can expect after you’ve contacted an Adoption Specialist at Upbring.


Confidentiality and around the clock personal support

Our warm and welcoming Adoption Specialists are here for you around the clock and will work one-on-one with you to give you the personal support that you need. You can also expect to work with the same Adoption Specialist throughout the entire adoption process. Together, you will complete the initial paperwork in order to identify your immediate needs. In many situations, Upbring is able to assist with medical and living assistance or with any other resources that have been identified as a need for you and your baby.

We know that every woman seeking adoption for their child is unique and deserves to be treated with respect. Together, we can explore what you think is best for yourself and your child. Feel confident that the things we discuss, along with your information, are 100% confidential. Again, you are in control and can change your mind at any time during this process.


Speak with other mothers that have made an adoption plan with Upbring

You are not alone. Not only do you have 24/7 support from your Upbring Adoption Specialist, but you will also be able to connect with mothers who have walked in your shoes. Choose as much contact as you would like with an expectant mother that has created an adoption plan with Upbring.


Decide the level of communication you would like with the adoptive family

Your Adoption Specialist will help you explore how much contact you would like to have with an adoptive family both before and after the birth of your baby. Determining the amount and types (exchange of pictures and emails, phone conversations, face to face visits, etc.) of communication you would like with an adoptive family will help determine the type of family you may choose for your child.

Would you like to begin forming a relationship with the adoptive family before your child is born? Would you like the adoptive family to be present at the hospital? Do you want pictures of your child once a year or would you prefer face to face visits once a month? We will help you explore your thoughts on all of these questions in order to decide the amount and types of communication you are comfortable with.


Choose an adoptive family

Once you’ve decided the amount of contact you want, you can decide whether you would like to choose a waiting adoptive family. You will be presented with photobooks containing pictures and information about our approved Upbring adoptive families that best match your wants and needs. All of Upbring’s waiting adoptive families have gone through a rigorous screening and training process. Our amazing adoptive families are often unable to have biological children of their own and are eager to shower a child with love.

If you decide you would like no communication with the adoptive family of your choice, that is absolutely okay. If you would like for your Adoption Specialist to select an adoptive family for you, we can do that as well. Every adoption plan is unique, and YOU are in control.


Create a birth/hospital plan

Your Adoption Specialist will help you explore what you would like your hospital experience to look like. Discussing the hospital stay in advance will also help you be better prepared for what will take place during your stay at the hospital. Would you like to spend time bonding with your baby after birth? Would you like the adoptive family to be there in order to bond with the baby as well? Would you like to spend time with the adoptive family and baby together? The Adoption Specialist will be present at the hospital to make sure your wishes are respected and to offer you 24/7 support during your hospital stay.


Legal help

For expectant parents deciding on whether to choose adoption for their child, the legal process may seem scary and confusing. Upbring’s Adoption Specialists and experienced Adoption Attorneys will be with you every step of the way. In the state of Texas, the paperwork that terminates your parental rights cannot be signed until 48 hours after birth. After this paperwork is signed and all parties have been discharged from the hospital, the adoptive family will be ready to take the baby home. Upbring will supervise the adoptive family and child for 6 months until the adoption is finalized in court. You will never need to worry about appearing in court.


Ongoing support and assistance with setting post-adoption goals

Upbring will continue to support you after the birth of your child and can assist with communication between yourself and the adoptive family if needed. This can mean passing letters, photos and videos between both parties and/or setting up visits with your child.

Before and after birth, you and your Adoption Specialist will continually explore your future aspirations. You can achieve your goals and dreams, and we are here to support you.


Meet your Adoption Team

Erin Patterson, LMSW

Director of Adoption 

Erin Patterson is the Director of Adoption at Upbring where she supervises international adoption, domestic infant adoption and post-adoption support services. Erin graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Masters of Social Work with a concentration on Community Administration and Leadership and holds the certification of Licensed Master of Social Work. An Upbring employee of nearly 10 years, Erin has a background in disaster relief and adoption services in their various forms.  Erin has been fortunate enough to work and travel in countries such as Ghana, South Africa and Haiti, granting a deeper understanding of the realities of adoption in developing countries. Erin now lives in Austin with her husband and two children and spends her free time cooking for a crowd.



Kelly Keen, LMSW

Domestic Adoption Specialist

As a Licensed Master Social Worker with a background in foster care and adoption, Kelly Keen has a wealth of experience working directly with children and families. Kelly graduated from Texas State University with her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and received her Master of Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. As a Domestic Adoption Specialist at Upbring, Kelly has a passion for serving all members of the adoption triad; expectant parents, adoptive parents and children. She is committed to creating meaningful connections with expectant mothers and strives to provide the counsel and support they need throughout the adoption process and beyond. Kelly and her husband have three amazing children and reside in the Austin area.


To reach an Upbring Adoption Specialist for more information, support or to begin creating an adoption plan, please call 1-833-80ADOPT or visit our domestic adoption page. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick invited the Klines to a special celebration of foster families at the Capitol in Austin.

Faith Carries Family Through Beautiful Adoption Journey & Captures Attention of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Newlyweds Paul and Kristen Kline had a plan for their future. They would have biological children first, and then explore adoption later. But in Kristen’s words, what she and Paul put on the back burner, God moved to the front burner.

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7 Adoption Stories You Need to Know About This Week

Earlier this week, we were inspired on Upbring’s Facebook Page by the moving story of the Manis family.

In case you missed it, the Manis adoption story will warm your heart! Click here to watch it (VIDEO).

This week we’re bringing you seven more inspiring, informative, and remarkable adoption stories, from Texas and around the country. If domestic or international adoption is something you’re interested in learning more about, we would love to connect with you! Learn more about our adoption services and programs.

7 Adoption Stories You Need to Know About This Week:

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  3. Christian speaker and author Lisa Harper shares the remarkable story of adopting her daughter, Missy, from Haiti with the Today Show: FULL STORY
  4. Adoptive parents from Corpus Christi share their beautiful story: FULL STORY
  5. A Ferris, Texas family shares how their adoption story led to a legacy of opening hearts and homes to children: FULL STORY
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  7. This week we’re celebrating 44 children who were officially adopted into forever homes in Austin! FULL STORY

If you have an Upbring adoption story, foster care story, or early childhood education story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! Contact [email protected].


5 Soul-Inspiring Adoption Stories to Wrap Up Your Week

(L-R) Stacie Campbell, Reyn Gaylord and Allissa Perez were on hand to celebrate with our families and their children during Austin Adoption Day.

We’re kicking off a new, weekly series to share the latest foster care, adoption, and education news from around the country. So make sure you bookmark our blog page as your shortcut to weekly inspiration and noteworthy reads.

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annual austin adoption day

Annual Adoption Day 2017

Upbring is excited to participate in the Annual Austin Adoption Day!  If you’ve never been, we highly suggest coming by.  The 16th Annual Adoption Day project on November 2, 2017, brings together attorneys, caseworkers, judges and many others from across the state to celebrate the creation of new families:

  • Time & Date: Thursday, November 2, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Location: Gardner Betts, 2515 S Congress Ave.  Austin, TX 78704. + Google Map

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10 Things the 85th Texas Legislature Got Right, Plus All the Rest from A to Z

The 85th Texas Legislature was one for the history books when it comes to child welfare.  From the unprecedented investment of an additional $508 million in the child protection system to the authorization of expanded community-based care and numerous other key decisions in between, Texas took major strides toward achieving the rallying cry of “Let’s Get It Right” that was adopted by legislative members and advocates alike.

In 2015, Governor Abbott declared at his inauguration, “Our children transcend politics.”  This year, the governor made the child protection system the first of his emergency items for consideration, and the Legislature – already having committed to giving this subject high-priority treatment – responded in many meaningful ways.  Upbring was pleased to support 64 different bills from 40 different legislative authors, including several of the session’s highest priority bills. Read More

The Gift of Belonging

The Gift of Belonging

This Christmas season at Upbring we’re sharing some of our favorite gifts — the kind that continue to be a blessing long after they’ve been received. From the gifts of home and comfort to health and education, we’ll share inspiring stories as our way of saying thank you to all of you who so faithfully and generously made these gifts possible.


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