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June 16th

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More than 65,000 children in Texas and their families need the support and encouragement of generous people like you to thrive.


With your support of this campaign, Upbring is able to provide life-changing, life-giving programs and services for children and families.

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30,000 families helped by Upbring every year. Compassion
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literally change a life for the better.

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“Everyone has resiliency inside, it’s just a matter of unlocking it and turning your struggle into something beautiful.” – Rachel, 15.

“Strive to be someone significant and be brave to dream big.” – Katalia, 17

Rachel and Katalia both came to Upbring because of trauma they experienced at home. They felt unloved and unworthy of ever being loved. Today, Rachel and Katalia know they have talents, dreams, and life skills that can be used for great good. They know this because they have people in their lives who love them and champion their dreams.

When you think of your childhood—or the one you are creating or have created for your own children and grandchildren—what memories come to mind?

Perhaps you remember that first day of school when you proudly slung your new backpack across your shoulders. Or maybe you remember the profound sense of joy in your daughter’s eyes when she scored her first soccer goal. Better yet, perhaps you treasure all those time-honored holiday traditions you still celebrate as a family year after year.

At Upbring, we believe every child deserves to make these same memories. Unfortunately, some children haven’t yet had that chance. That’s why—with your support—we’re working tirelessly to give every child a brighter future through our various children’s services programs.

Through programs such as foster care, adoption, education and residential treatment centers, we offer children the chance to have the kind of childhood that comes with a lifetime of unconditional love.

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