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September 22nd

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This Christmas Give The Gift of Spiritual Care

Christmas & Upbring Foster Care

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This campaign ends December 31 at 11:59PM (CST).



Your gift will help a child find a path to a better life and peace in God’s love … just as we witnessed firsthand at New Life Children’s Center with a young girl named Sarah.

When Sarah first came to us at New Life, she sought out our spiritual counselor because she wanted to learn more about religion and faith. Sarah and our counselor would read the scriptures together and discuss how precious Sarah is in the eyes of God.

As Sarah began feeling more comfortable at New Life and developed a little confidence, she opened up about the trauma that brought her to our doors. Sarah was raised in a home where she was completely unloved and unwanted. Her father was in jail for sexual assault and her mother had a revolving door of men in and out of their lives.

Thankfully, Sarah was removed from her home and brought to us at New Life where we are giving her love, attention and the skills she needs to build her self-esteem. Sarah’s favorite part of New Life is our barn, where we have goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens, two miniature horses and two full sized donkeys. She works at the barn nearly every day, and has blossomed with her newfound sense of purpose.


100% gift of your gift provides a brighter future for girls wishing to have spiritual care on their journey to recovery. Below are a few examples of the impact your donation will make:


At Upbring’s residential treatment center — New Life Children’s Center (Canyon Lake, Texas) — girls aged 11-17 receive the care and support integral to recovering from past trauma and to creating bright futures. All of the girls suffer from emotional and behavioral disorders, which typically stem from their histories of trauma, and many have attempted to cope with their problems by “acting out” or engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

New Life Children’s Center takes a holistic approach to recovery, which addresses the girls’ full range of emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs. Spiritual care is an integral component of the recovery process for the girls at New Life Children’s Center.

Upbring employs a full-time, on-site Spiritual Care Director—Laurie Iten, who oversees the spiritual care program at New Life. Laurie works collaboratively with pastors and church members from the surrounding communities to lead worship services, serve as spiritual mentors, provide Vacation Bible School, and counsel those who are interested in Scripture.



At Upbring, we’re change-makers determined to create a world where all children are cherished. We understand that breaking the cycle of child abuse means more than removing children from harmful situations and providing clothing, food and shelter. It means helping children heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because when the cycle is broken, it means children get to live every moment of every day with every inch of their whole hearts. Upbring makes sure this happens and YOU can too.

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