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Mild Mental Disabilities; Cerebral Palsy; Congenital malformations of the foot; Contracture of the knee joint; Strabismus

Steve is a wonderful six-year-old that lives in a small Group home in Eastern Europe.

He cannot walk without assistance yet, but moves around surprisingly well and fast in a baby walker. He feels really happy in the pool where he is moving with less strain.

His motor skills are also developing amazingly well. He enjoys playing with blocks, building towers, arranging them one next to the other and, after the play is finished, to put them back in their place.

His communication skills have also experienced a huge change – the once silent boy is now repeating syllables and saying short words like yes, no, don’t want, mum, granny, let’s go, etc.

His leading diagnosis is a congenital inverted foot and severe crossed eye condition. He has many hospitalizations, which is why he has delayed mental development. His feet have not been surgically treated, as the condition requires several operations and constant monitoring and care by specialized personnel. Doctors believe that there is still a chance for him to face a successful surgery.

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