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Ian and Mónica

Ian and MonicaHi!  We’re Ian and Mónica, and we have been married for almost four years.  We became a small, but happy, family of two the day we got married, but we are hoping to expand our family and open up our hearts and home through adoption. Both of us come from big families, and any child we welcome into our home will be surrounded by loving cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and of course, parents.

Ian is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Texas to build a life with Mónica. He is an astrophysicist who teaches physics and astronomy at the high school level. Mónica has her Ph.D. and works at the local university.

As you can see, education is important to both of us, even if we do gravitate toward different fields (Ian’s a scientist, and Mónica is more of a liberal arts person).

We both consider ourselves a bit nerdy, and we were actually introduced to each other because we were the nerdiest people our mutual friends knew. Ian enjoys hobbies such as gaming, building model figures and reading, while Mónica enjoys reading, cooking, baking, embroidering and painting.

We hope to bring a child into a home where they will not only get the chance to help in the kitchen (even if it means just licking the frosting off a spoon), but where they will also get the opportunity to sit outside while gazing up at the stars and moon with wonder.

We picture stories at bedtime with a cozy cat curled up at the foot of their bed. We want to give a child a life filled with family, love and laughter.

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