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June 16th

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Continuum of Care: Our Reformative PlanUpbring - Key Markers

We recognize that children enter the system at different stages of their lives and due to varying life events. Because the types of abuse and neglect vary among children, we are committed to raising the standards and addressing the entire spectrum.

Upbring will accomplish this through an innovative continuum of services and community partnerships, each tracking progress against markers of safety, life skills, education, health and vocation, all of which are critical to breaking the cycle of child abuse.

CARF Accreditation

After an extensive review, CARF International – the independent Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities – awarded a three-year accreditation to all of our children’s and family services programs across Texas. This is a testimony to our commitment to excellence, dedication and great work on the part of the Upbring team.

Upbring Foster In Texas is the largest provider in Texas with 14 offices. The program staff is engaged in addressing the immediate need for more families willing and able to help foster infants, teens, siblings and children with special needs. All of the foster parents are required to undertake extensive training and background checks before children are placed in their homes.

Each of these children is unique; they enter the foster care system at different stages of their lives and as a result of different events. Because the causes and kinds of abuse vary, Upbring is committed to breaking down program silos and providing services across a continuum.

Upbring’s crisis pregnancy services assist women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing confidential options counseling, support, and resources to help explore their choices. Our adoption specialists help birth mothers create the best life possible for their babies.

Additionally, we help create forever families through our domestic and international adoption programs, which include foster-to-adopt. As a Hague Accredited Agency, Upbring has partnered with other international adoption agencies since 1967, facilitating the placement of several thousand children.

Upbring is on a mission to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children to take back their lives and build bright futures free from abuse, neglect and trauma. We are working to raise expectations within the community, and within the children themselves, about what they can achieve in life. They may have had a rough start, but their lives can be redeemed. They can grow into adults who pass on the kindness they received, instead of the violence. Our Residential Treatment Centers, Emergency Shelters and Trinity Charter Schools are equipped with the staff and resources to provide these children with the protection, counseling, education and most importantly love that they need to heal and grow.

Upbring is a community-driven leader that provides a multitude of vital services to children and families experiencing economic hardship in Lubbock County, including utility assistance, food vouchers, hygiene products, prescription assistance and access to health care for those who qualify.

Upbring is laser-focused on providing its customers with unparalleled customer service as it provides reliable, cost-effective services to people throughout the state.

Upbring Disaster Response is prepared to step in to help families and communities in the aftermath of natural disasters – tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or wildfires – in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Individuals and families are offered financial assistance for basic needs in the short term and case management and spiritual care over the longer term. Disaster Response works continually to assure the program is ready to meet the needs if and when disaster strikes.

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