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Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Upbring is driven by the knowledge that thousands of kids in Texas need adopting. While each child equally deserves a loving and forever home, some kids have had a harder time finding one. We shudder at the fact that some of these kids have even been labeled “unadoptable.” The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has relabeled these children as Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. The foundation has awarded Upbring with a grant to find Wendy’s Wonderful Kids the right home, as soon as possible.

Unadoptable is Unacceptable

The young people served by the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program are generally those in foster care who have been waiting for an adoptive family the longest. Nearly 70 percent are over the age of eight. Fifty percent have been in foster care for more than four years and 30 percent have had six placements or more.

The grant from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption allows Upbring to dedicate several professionals, known as recruiters, to work exclusively on these cases. They have smaller caseloads than the average adoption professional so they are able to spend as much time finding each child a family as is necessary. This is done through proven, child-focused tactics that start with the child’s familiar circles of family, friends, neighbors and the communities in which they live.

The Wonderful Results

Upbring is proud to be just one of numerous agencies across the United States and Canada working alongside the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. As a team, we are proving that Wendy’s Wonderful Kids are very much adoptable. Research from a five-year evaluation of the program shows that children are two times more likely to be adopted after being referred to the program. Older children and those who have emotional challenges are three times more likely to be adopted once they become a Wendy’s Wonderful Kid.

Visit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to read the results of that research and find out more about Wendy’s Wonderful Kids.

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