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Anna, Milo & Oliver

Specific disorders in school skills: Anna
Specific speech disorder: Milo
Specific speech disorder: Oliver

Siblings Anna (13), Milo (11) and Oliver (9) are currently living with a foster family in Eastern Europe.

All three siblings are in good physical health. Anna has experienced some learning delays and Milo and Oliver have both been diagnosed with a speech disorder. At school, the siblings are involved in special education programs and are supported by resource teachers.

Anna works with a speech therapist, psychologist and pedagogue due to a lesser-developed vocabulary and difficulty reading. She learns best with frequent repetition and encouragement. Anna is in 7th grade. She is independent in her self-service skills and maintains good personal hygiene and a neat appearance.

Milo is doing very well in school. He is in 3rd grade. He works together with specialists who support him in his education. Milo is a very bright, social boy who likes to play with his classmates and has many friends. He helps prepare food in the kitchen at home and enjoys serving meals to his brother and sister.

Oliver is in 1st grade. In addition to his teachers and foster parents, he is supported by a speech therapist and a psychologist to overcome developmental delays. He is in the process of constructing his active vocabulary. He understands much more than he is able to pronounce. Oliver is a calm and quiet child. He loves to play with his brother and sister.

Anna, Milo and Oliver are searching for a forever home where they’ll be able to stay together and get the love and support they need to continue to grow and develop.

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